Archangel is a Diablo style game available on the Google Play store and iOS. Developed by Unity Games when you look at this game first hand it seems like you get what you’re buying. With games these days it can be a huge gamble, especially if it is digital so is Archangel a worth it investment in your game collection?

The graphics are reminiscent of early last gen but all levels look basically the same, well exactly the same. They seem to even be slightly based on the Diablo art style but not really, they have a unique touch to them. The engine runs pretty smooth as the frames seem constant, and I only experienced glitches when trying to pause my games, I had to double click. The music is just typical fantasy stuff, nothing outstanding but it does not really matter.

The enemies in the game seem to just blindly run at you while swinging weapons at you. Despite being very easy to handle most foes, sometimes there can be too many enemies or a lot of mini bosses at the same time. You can usually handle easily with just some spells or swipes, but other times you may want to fall back, regain health, then attack again.

Due to the fact it is a mobile game the touch controls are in motion. They are really simple though. You tap to move your guy in a direction, tap enemies to shoot them, and double tap to teleport. The game features 30 levels, with each gaining new enemies and getting harder as you progress, well it is actually pretty easy. I found some levels easier than the previous ones. The only thing they do is increase the number of enemies on the screen which is more annoying, as it makes it only harder to target a specific enemy. While the gameplay is solid it can get very repetitive fast which is kinda expected of the mobile game genre, but still in all respect it should not be as developers should try harder to get rid of the repetitiveness. The story is really non-existent, you just play as the Archangel and smite demonic enemies and such.

Replay Ability: Moderate

Final Verdict:

Though it is a fun game to hop in and out of, there are so many things that could’ve be done better. For example a wider variety of enemies, harder difficulties, and various other additions. Maybe even a few other features like flying as the Archangel would have been cool. It is what is though and honestly I enjoyed playing it. Archangel gets a 6.75 out of 10.


Overall Score: 6.75 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developers: Unity Games

Available On: Android | iOS

Played On: Android Tablet

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher in a digital gift card for the purpose of this review.

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