Metal Gear Rising Revengeance first appeared on consoles in February of 2013, but has finally arrived for PC. It now plays in 60 FPS and 1080P, that is if your rig can handle that. Although, I do highly recommended playing this game with a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse – because the way the control mechanics work, it is difficult to play with keys. This is definitely a great game, but it does still have some of the flaws that the console versions have. With that said, it is still an amazing game to freshen things up for the PC gaming community.

Story: The game starts off four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, Raiden has been contracted for VIP protection, in a developing country recovering from a civil war. While protecting the Prime Minister of this land, they are attacked by a cyborg organization. Playing as Raiden you must fight your way through these enemies, in order to save the VIP. I will not spoil the story for you, but he tastes utter defeat and is later rebuilt. Raiden’s mission, is to put a stop to those responsible and have his vengeance. The story is okay, but it could have been better. It is also very short; it took me under 5 hours to complete the game.

Gameplay: Playing MGRR was a really fun experience. It’s full of action with the perfect amount of cut scenes to keep it interesting. There are a variety of different cyborgs and boss levels to fight. Every new boss fight wows me with how they look and their new fighting tactics. MGRR is not a stealth game like previous Metal Gear games in the past. It does have some stealth in it, but it is not primarily a stealth game. Overall, the gameplay is a perfect combination of action and story.

 Controls: The controls for the PC version of MGRR are quite difficult to use. Even for an experienced PC gamer. This game was made for consoles, then ported to PC. It is designed to be played with a controller. I was fortunate enough to have a Xbox 360 controller so I used that for the majority of the playthrough. I’d highly recommend that if you are considering buying this game to really think about if you’re willing to use a keyboard to play; if not, maybe you should pick up a controller.

Characters / Enemies: MGRR has great characters that come and go throughout the story. They sound and look like real people which really helps immersing yourself into the Metal Gear world. The story goes very smooth with the introduction of new characters and how they act. Same goes for the enemies; they also look and sound amazing, and somehow always surprised me when a new enemy was presented.

Graphics: MGRR does not have the greatest graphics that I’ve seen, but they are still pretty good. Remember, this game was made for console – with the hardware of 7 year old machines. Considering that, the graphics are amazing, but for a 2014 PC game, not so much. MGRR requires a lot of system requirements to run it on the highest settings, although the highest settings don’t compare with other great graphics games like Battlefield 4 or Crysis 3. With all that said, the graphics are okay; they are definitely enjoyable to look at, but I feel that the game uses a lot of power but still only looks like a console game.

Soundtrack / Audio / Voice: MGRR is laced with rock music playing in the background at most fighting scenes. I personally don’t prefer rock music, but it makes the action feel more badazz. The audio effects of fighting and simple things like walking around sound great. Voices are even better! The characters’ voices should sound like real people, but in some games they just don’t sound real. MGRR doesn’t have this problem, Kojima did a wonderful job with the audio.

MGRR has no multiplayer or co-op features whatsoever. There is not very much replay ability unless you are an achievement hunter or really enjoyed the game enough to replay it. It doesn’t have side missions although I should add that if you complete the game that you will receive all DLC for free. The engine performs well; I experienced no glitches or problems at all.

Final Verdict:

MGRR was a great game for last generations consoles, and for this generations high-end gaming PCs. The graphics could be better, and the campaign could be longer. It also would have been nice to play multiplayer, but MGRR is still a good game – there are only a few problems. I recommend that you try this game for PC, even if you have already played it on console. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a nearly flawless game, it earns a solid 8/10.

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Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating : Silver Game

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Developer: Kojima Productions / PlatinumGames

Publisher: Konami

Available On: PC | Xbox 360 | PS3

Played On: Windows PC

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