Slender: The Arrival Review

Slender: The Arrival is a survival horror game from Blue Isle Studios. The game is the sequel to 2012’s “Slender: The Eight Pages” and adaptation of the Something Awful Form Story “The Slender Man”. The player assumes the Lauren who is traveling to the countryside to find out the whereabouts of her sister Kate and she quickly realized she is being followed by The Slender Man.

Players will control Lauren’s movement and interaction with the game world via their mouse and various keyboard keys. Lauren’s only tools to help her find out her sisters fate are a flashlight and her camera.Lauren must find any and every clue in each level that will lead her closer to her goal before Slender Man catches her. Players will traverse this “abandoned” countryside with Lauren in a first person view through houses, buildings, hills and long winding roads to gather her clues. There are notes, papers, letters, signs and other items through the world that let you in on what’s has transpired before Lauren’s arrival.

The Slender Man is instantly aware of Lauren’s presence and he will follow her, taunt, and chase her before he closes in for the kill. The players will know that he is close to Lauren to do her camera/vision being distorted, screeching sounds, lights flickering among other strange things will occur throughout the level. Lauren also become nervous when the Slender Man is near by the change of her movement and breathing as she escapes him.

The Arrival takes a very minimalist approach to the horror in the game but do to the fact that if the Slender Man catches you the game ends will make anyone nervous upon confronting him. The are also objects in the environment players can have Lauren interact that breaks up the action and claim her mood.

The graphics of Slender: The Arrival are very realistic but highly minimal. While moving through the countryside, structures and objects that are barely visible due to the fog and the time of day. The only problem with the look of this title is that the game world should be a bit more vibrant and alive. When Lauren moves through the game, there are no leaves falling off the trees, the water doesn’t look smooth and the set pieces do very little to add to the game visually.

The trek between each area feels very dry and brooding, it only really livens up when Slender Man shows up. The sound design in the game is magnificent, the dark music and ambient sounds really amps up the scare factor in this title. The only other thing that dampens the experience of STA is that you cannot save during the level. Players must trek through an entire level to completion in order to advance. This can be fixed via patch but some players who want to play the game in small chunks or pace themselves solving the mystery and avoiding The Slender Man.

Final Verdict:

Slender The Arrival is a welcomed addition to the Survival Horror genre and a break from its other titles. The sense of hopelessness does make for some thrilling and compelling gameplay. The technical triumphs of this game however are slightly damped due to the game world’s plainness as well as the lack of ability to save during play-throughs of the game. These shortcomings aside Slender: The Arrival is a horror game that should not be missed.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Blue Isle Studios / Parsec Productions

Publisher: Midnight City

Available On: PC | Mac OS X | Linux

Played On: Windows PC

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