Adam’s Venture: Chronicles Review

Originally released a few years back as episodic content for Windows PC and OnLive, the Adam’s Venture Trilogy has now made its way onto PSN for Sony’s PlayStation 3. Adam’s Venture: Chronicles is a Christian adventure game from Dutch indie developer Vertigo Games, bundling episodes “The Search for the Lost Garden”, “Solomon’s Secret” and “Revelations” together in one package.

The story is set in the 1920’s and follows young explorer Adam Venture who has discovered the location of the Garden of Eden. He manages to run afoul of the evil Clairvoix Corporation, who being evil, have their own nefarious reasons for finding the garden. With his companion Evelyn by his side, the two race against time in an effort to thwart the Corporation’s plans.

Controlling Adam is pretty simple and straightforward, you move around with the left analog, sprint by holding R2, jump by hitting and the triangle button allows for interaction with the various objects Adam comes across. Now this wouldn’t be a third person adventure without any exploration, and this game does feature quite a bit of it. Unfortunately while other adventure titles offer those that are challenging and exciting, Adam’s Venture does not. These segments are simple and easy with no sense of danger, no chance that you might fail. Nothing about these segments help Adam’s Venture stand out amongst the countless other adventure games on the market.

Adam Venture gonna venture.

To help fill the space between exploring, the game features a plethora of puzzles for the titular protagonist to solve. Over 60 of them in fact. While the amount of puzzles is impressive, the puzzles themselves, for the most part, are not. There are a few puzzles that offer some challenge but for the most part, they are pretty simple and don’t require much thought to solve. Easy or not though, a majority of them just aren’t fun. Using mathematics to separate powder to make dynamite and matching wires in order to successfully hot-wire a vehicle do not make for fun puzzle experiences in my opinion. Each episode features a variety of new puzzles to solve, but it quickly becomes a tedious affair. By the end of each episode you will have solved the same puzzle types three or four times, making the experience feel more like a chore than anything. Even the better puzzles, which don’t appear until the finale, suffer the same fate.

One of the better puzzles in the game, looks cool but ultimately wears out its welcome.

It quickly becomes apparent that the developers attempted to capture the magic of the Uncharted series, due to the similarities. Adam much like Uncharted’s protagonist Nathan Drake is a young explorer, who is cocky, arrogant, a wise guy and accompanied by a smart young blond. Unlike Drake, Venture is not a likable hero; he lacks the charisma that makes these types of characters endearing, all of his jokes fall flat and his dialogue just makes him come across as a very annoying man child. Evelyn is a more tolerable character but her dialogue isn’t much better. Overall the dialogue and voice acting of everyone involved in the story leaves much to be desired. It makes it hard to care for the relationships between the characters, especially Adam and Evelyn as their interactions with one another aren’t fun or engaging. Speaking of the story, it is shallow, not engaging, and ultimately forgettable. The villain and his ultimate plan are as cliché as they come. In short, it fails.

Adam’s adventure takes him across Europe and the Middle East. Thanks to being powered by the Unreal 3 engine, many of the locations look rather impressive. The character models on the other hand don’t look as good and feature less detail but seeing as this is a budget title, that can be forgiven. The game occasionally suffered from screen tearing and featured a few glitches but nothing game breaking.

Still Venturing.

Award winning composer Jonathan van den Wijngaarden, handled the musical score and sound design and he did a bang up job. The effects were authentic and the score captured the tone and feel of being on an adventure in the 1920’s. Top notch stuff honestly. If only the gameplay, characters and story were this impressive, then the developers would have had a memorable adventure game.

Replay Value: Very low – The game can be beaten in under 10 hours, and features a chapter select option but there is no reason to play through it again. There aren’t any higher difficulties and all the trophies can be acquired in one run with the exception of one.

Final Verdict:

Despite looking great and featuring impressive sound design, Adam’s Venture is a below average experience. The gameplay is repetitive and boring and the main character is one of the worst to be featured in a video game or any form of media. If you are looking for a great adventure game on PS3 for cheap, pick up Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. If you are looking for one without any gunplay or violence, keeping searching because Adam’s Venture: Chronicles isn’t that game.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 5/10

RGN Rating: Mediocre

Developer: Vertigo Games

Publisher: Playlogic Games

Available On: Sony PlayStation 3

Review Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the Publisher for the purpose of this review.

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