Warframe PS4 Review

Developer Digital Extremes was originally created by the man behind Sorcery in 1993 and grew to become the co-creationists of Unreal (the Epic Games franchise pre-dating Unreal Tournament) which took the PC Gaming world by storm. Digital Extremes since has co-developed Unreal Tournament, Unreal Championship, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Unreal Tournament 2004 alongside Epic Games leading to over 15 million worldwide sales across a myriad of platforms and has also been responsible for the New IP Dark Sector that had the gaming world abuzz as it was revealed as one of the first “next-gen” titles back when PS3 and Xbox 360 specs were merely whispers in the dark.

After going on to work on more titles such as Bioshock 2, Homefront, and The Darkness II among others, Digital Extremes has taken on a new project with Warframe which seeks to reinvent the business model of a co-op shooter game by coming out of the gate Free To Play without being Pay To Win and yet still satisfying both consumer types; the player who is willing to spend on Micro Transactions and the player who is not. Developed on the exclusive Evolution Engine developed in-house at Digital Extremes Warframe is a four player co-operative experience on the Windows PC and now Sony PlayStation 4 platforms that takes place in the third person across many different planets with each stage being procedurally generated to some degree.

Taking the role as one of the Tenno (ancient warriors) players must strike back against the Grineer Empire, Corpus, and anyone else in your way as you conquer various types of missions on their quest. Unrivaled hit detection is presented by developer Digital Extremes in the PlayStation 4 edition of Warframe without the headaches of building a computer to spec. Co-op gameplay is enjoyed for free without any pay-to-win requirements and an endless amount of replay value is delivered which is both easy to get into a fun to master. Micro transactions are there as an option but there’s virtually nothing in the game that you can’t earn yourself through grinding.

The customizations and gear found in this game are so varied and the upgrade system is so structured that at times it feels like you’re actually playing an MMO title. The existing community around the game is massive as well with tons of veterans to tell you in-game or online in forums about the vast levels of play you will achieve over your career in the game.

Periodically you will be tested in special rank-up opportunities that are earned slowly throughout the game. In these the challenge can be something like killing waves of enemies with your side-arm alone proficiently in a certain amount of time. If you fail this test you must wait a day to try again, so it’s pretty intense but at the same time very fun to partake in.

Some have called Warframe a case of Mass Effect meets Ninja Gaiden meets Borderlands. While I’m not one for comparisons, this strange sandwich of ideologies certainly does vaguely identify Warframe’s core mechanics. The fun to be had in endless co-op missions which are procedurally generated is certainly worth everyone’s hard drive space on their PlayStation 4’s. Warframe is Free to Play, and everything you can get in-game is unlockable without depositing a dime. Various missions including rescuing captives, assassinating or capturing valuable targets, stealing sensitive intel, survival waves, and more.

Technically the game is still in beta, so some things like trophies and cross-platform play between Windows PC and PlayStation 4 players playing in the same matches are being added in future updates. That being said, it feels like a full release already with so much to do, unlock, and fully smooth / stable co-operative online play. Controls feel slick and characters / enemies are well fleshed out with each sporting their own artificial intelligence style, weaknesses, and strengths in battle.

As you progress through various levels challenges increase but you’re also able to see exactly what level of Warframe (character) each match is intended for. The player is able to have more than one character of various classes, but it’s sometimes easier to just rock with one for a long period of time first. More types are unlocked as you move forward. On the PS4 special abilities are mapped to the touch pad and this is helpful since all of the other buttons are used in the same way as a traditional shooter on console.

Sometimes players will be faced with getting around the levels in ways that are barely possible. Taking a running jump or running jump off of a railing and into an air duct can sometimes not be apparent to the player and their group of friends. Luckily, the game has a massive community of skilled players and if you don’t get it yourself you will eventually be shown by others how to navigate the maps. If you do lose track of your co-op partners the mini-map does a great job of bringing you back to them step by step rather than just showing a generic area where they are at.

The graphics of Warframe are incredible and even on console they give players a next-generation clarity to everything going on. Music and sound effects as well as voice acting are well done too. It’s clear that Digital Extremes has a mastery on both game design as well as graphics and the finished version (once it’s finally out of Beta officially) is likely to be even better in terms of more polished instructions on how to navigate the fairly vast levels that appear in the title.

Engine Performance: Excellent – Rock solid and no glitches were encountered during any of our playthroughs of this game.

Replay Ability: High

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Final Verdict:

Warframe is constantly being updated with new gear being added all the time. Players jump in for free on PlayStation 4 with tons of players to enjoy the game with and soon will be playing right alongside the massive PC community of players to experience a co-op shooting title like no other. Ultimately the grind to Warframe can consume as much time as players want it to, so the replay value is one of the highest we’ve seen. Customizations and gear in the game are so deep that the title resembles an MMO in the amount of thought and depth put into how far the universe goes. If we took the time to list all of the abilities and upgrades found in the game this page would be many thousands of words. Instead, we highly reccomend that players jump in and experience it for themselves. Other than a few level design frustrations and the sometimes monotonous feel players might experience early on before acquiring new abilities, there’s not much you can detriment this game for. Warframe gets a 9 out of 10 making it a Gold RGN Game.

Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Digital Extremes

Available On: PS4 | PC

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

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