Sonic: Lost World Wii U Review

Sonic Lost World is Sonic Team’s first Wii U exclusive title starring Sega’s blue speedy mascot. It was released in October worldwide. It released for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, with the 3DS version acting as a companion software for the Wii U version. It follows Sonic and Tails’ rescue of animals captured by Dr Robotnik/Eggman and his new allies (not for long however) the Deadly Six. The Deadly Six push a new story type that no longer relies on Eggman’s character but instead pits Sonic against new foes to match the new game feel. The game supports the Gamepad, Wiimote with Classic Controller Pro or WiiMote with Nunchuck. It offers a pseudo co-op mode similar to Super Mario Galaxy allowing a second player to  deploy items and kill enemies as well as off-screen play.


Lost World plays very similarly to Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy as Sonic travels on a 3D plain with various paths to take as well as 2D side scrolling portions. Where this game fails is in how it does not follow the regular Sonic formula at portions. The speed is optional as Sonic walks at a brisk pace unless the player chooses to hold down the shoulder buttons to either run or do the Spin Dash. As the game introduces so many new moves, you would expect the game to teach the player these new moves but Sonic Team does not do this and it makes the game very frustrating at times. I myself got stuck in some of the earlier levels because of the button combinations involved in combo moves. The boss battles however do follow the Sonic formula in the “dodge the repetitive moves of the enemy and then lock on and perform an air attack” which seems to portray the boss battles as easier than the regular stages.

Graphics and Music

Graphically, Lost World shines bright with high quality art design that melds the classic Sonic art style with cartoony enemies and bright backdrops into a high definition presentation. I found myself stopping to observe the background and foreground and the attention to detail. Sonic Team put an utmost detail on the graphics and it really shows whether it be on the television or on the Gamepad through off-screen mode. As well, Sonic Team paid a lot of attention to the sounds and music in Lost World with a mix of the classic music of the original 16 bit games but reworked in high orchestration. The detail put to music makes me know this is a Sonic game that Sonic Team worked hard on in this regard.

Online Capabilities

Like most titles I’ve seen for WiiU, Lost World utilizes the Miiverse allowing players to send screenshots of gameplay with captions as well as the sharing of items for gameplay. This allows you to receive items that you can continue to pass on with the possibility of the strength of the item you later may receive be higher than the previous one as the items rank in strength from 1 star to 4 stars. This allows the gameplay to be altered ever so slightly and makes each player feel like they are helping someone and are getting help.

The game has one DLC available which is included with the Deadly Six edition and is also available on the eShop and there is a second DLC coming. The DLC is a Nights into Dreams inspired level that pits Sonic against the Deadly Six and the nightmares they conjure. However short, as it was only one level, the Nightmare DLC is a fun sidetrack from the base game.

Replay Value

Sonic Team retains the collectivity factor of two previous Sonic titles (Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations) by offering 5 red stars in each level which unlock hidden levels. As well, as the game offers a wide variety of paths to take, the game seems to have endless opportunities to play a level, whether it be go straight or go up the cliffs and jump across wide gaps. Sonic Team, as well, plans to release small DLCs which will add to the game over time.

Final Verdict:

While radically different from previous 3D Sonics, Lost World has its own unique charm. I personally found that Sonic Team paid too much detail to the graphics and music and the gameplay suffered. While not terrible, Lost World got trapped in hype created from how great the game looked when shown in previews and trailers. We were not shown how the game is controlled which is where it suffers. Like most other Wii U titles, the online capabilities utilize the simple but fun Miiverse but Sonic Team added the item-sharing system that gave a fun way to share the experience with others. Sonic Team unfortunately fell slightly short on this title and Sonic won’t be able to run away from this one.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.4/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: Sonic Team

Publishers: SEGA / Nintendo

Available On: Nintendo Wii U (digital or physical)

Review Copy Info: This game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

(Bonus: Score Breakdown)

  • Gameplay- 22/30
  • Graphics- 5/5
  • Online Capabilities – 3/5
  • Replay Value- 7/10
  • Overall- 37/50, a 74%.

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