Proteus Post-Mortem Review

Proteus is an indie developed game by a team of two individuals by the names of Ed Key and David Kanaga. To call it a game is unfair, as it is more of an experience. It was released in January of this year for Steam and October for Vita and PS3. This review is based on the Steam version. It plays smoothly on low-end PCs.


Like previously stated, Proteus is an experience. Played from a first person perspective, you roam a randomly-generated open world island where anything you see or view has an effect on how the game creates the background music. You will roam your island, walking day and night, seeing things like trees, fortresses, giant mountains and wild animals. The game will only progress if you wish to progress further. To advance you must find the “light” at night time which advances you through the seasons of the year and to complete the game you must go from spring at the beginning to the end of winter as your ending but allows you to roam unlimited time in each season if you wish.


This game is stylized in a retro pixel art design which gives the game its own unique beauty as each object in its pixelized design gives it a retro feel. Where Proteus shines is in its music. David Kanaga composed a very dynamic soundtrack that constantly changes wherever you go in the world. Every step you take and everything you see will change the music you hear. I highly recommend you play this game with headphones on or play your sound through a nice pair of speakers for the best effect possible.


This game does not offer any online content which for a game of its style, is no issue whatsoever to me.


No one playthrough will ever be the same. Through my 30 hours of different playthroughs, Proteus never ever felt repetitive. You may just be walking around an island with no danger or combat, but the feeling you get when you see a fortress looming in the distance, running and chasing the rabbits or birds you see, or wandering to find a lone house sitting in the fog is always that bit different each time you play.


Proteus was a game that drew my attention based on how it was so different from mainstream games. You don’t have any achievements to worry about. You don’t ever get frustrated by a difficult boss or enemy because there are none. You have no score to compare with anyone but every playthrough is a new story for you as the character. If you need a game to just wind down after a long day, this is the game for you. Selling for 9.99 on Steam or $14 with cross-buy for PS3/Vita, this game is a big deal for the simple fun it draws. I would recommend it for anyone, whether it be a casual gamer, someone looking for a fun new experience or even your audiophile friend who loves a well-orchestrated game. For a game made by a team of two, Key and Kanaga built a game that anyone can enjoy and is one of few games I could deem as a Diamond Game.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 10/10

RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developers / Publisher: Ed Key and David Kanaga (Steam), Curve Studios (PS3/Vita)

Available On: PS3 | PC | Vita

Review Copy Info: This game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

(Bonus: My Score Breakdown)

  • Gameplay- 30/30
  • Graphics/Sound- 5/5
  • Online Capabilities – Not Applicable
  • Replay Value- 10/10
  • Overall- 45/45, a 100%.

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