RealGamerNewz Interviews PlayStation 4’s Basement Crawl Developers Bloober Team

Although we have had a little bit of trouble tracking down Bloober Team and securing an interview with them, our recent Basement Crawl Article previewing currently released information on their exclusive PS4 title Basement Crawl (releasing soon) caught the attention of Marc Colhoun who actually contacted us in the comments section of that very post leading to the following interview taking place. *Answers are unedited and uncensored thoughts of the developer, questions asked by myself, Jon Ireson (Editor-In-Chief).

RealGamerNewz: What’s it like working with Sony?

Bloober Team: Sony has been really great with us throughout the whole process of development with any questions that we had and even helping us with marketing.

RealGamerNewz: In what ways does Basement Crawl deviate from the classic retro game that inspired it?

Bloober Team: Basement Crawl is definitely inspired by a few things, we all love Bomberman here and we did take some inspiration from there but we were also inspired by grindhouse movies and I think that it shows in the final product. The way we set out to change this is that we have really brought this nostalgic feeling into a modern setting with modern mechanics and a very nice graphic style. On top of all this we really wanted to create the best multiplayer experience possible, so be it online or local, our game will fill the gap where the current titles out there seem to be falling short.

RealGamerNewz: How many hours have you personally put into playing the game while developing it?

Bloober Team: That is a really tough question actually… I have no idea, but really a lot. It is really addictive.

RealGamerNewz: What’s the most hilarious moment that occurred in development of Basement Crawl?

Bloober Team: Probably the day after GIK ( Watching a full office of people hungover attempting to work is pretty great.

RealGamerNewz: Does Bloober Team have any interest in creating Basement Crawl DLC some day? If not, how about a sequel?

Bloober Team: We are currently discussing the future of Basement Crawl and what we feel we should do to support those who choose to pick it up. We aren’t sure exactly what just yet… but we will support the game with extra content after the release.

RealGamerNewz: Will Bloober Team work on New IPs after this game? (spoiler alert: RealGamerNewz LOVES New IPs)

Bloober Team: We are working on something extremely unique and really exciting that I, unfortunately, can’t talk about right now. (expect some content very soon though).

RealGamerNewz: Are there any hints at all (even a one word obscure tease) which you can provide for the project your team will provide after Basement Crawl?

Bloober Team: Half.

RealGamerNewz: What is your favorite game of all time?

Bloober Team: I really am not sure about this… I remember the feeling I got the first time I played Deus Ex and it blew me away, so I am tempted to say that but generally anything that gives me a bow and arrow gets much love from me.

RealGamerNewz: How did you discover the RealGamerNewz article about Basement Crawl?

Bloober Team: At Bloober Team we think that if someone has written about our company or one of our games, the least we can do is write to them and thank them as well as talking with their community and answering any and all questions that they have for us.

RealGamerNewz: Thank you for your time, one last question! When is the release date of Basement Crawl!? 🙂

Bloober Team: Basement Crawl will be released for PS4 at the beginning of 2014, we will fill the gap in really addictive and fun local and online multiplayer games.

***Editor’s Note: If you have any questions for the devs at Bloober Team be sure to leave them in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to get them answered! RGN over and out!!!

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20131216 and was last modified on 20131216 .