DayZ Alpha Makes Over $5 Million In 24 Hours

The Alpha offering (Alphas come before Betas) of DayZ Standalone has sold over 172,500 copies (netting $5.1 million in revenue in just the first 24 hours) so far according to ARMA series publisher Bohemia Interactive. Gamers have embraced DayZ ever since it was debuted as an ARMA II mod for free and are now willing to throw down money on Steam just to access the Standalone release which comes hot off the heals of ARMA III which took the series to the next level.

In the original mod players were sent to survive in a massive world each taking place on servers alongside various other players, some out for doing good and some out to betray players. Many more mods have released since attempting to recreate the success of DayZ but haven’t quite nailed it.

Bohemia Interactive saw the opportunity to work with the developers of the mod similar to the way that Valve worked with the Counter-Strike creators to make CS into a full fledged game (as well as Left 4 Dead) and now both of those are successful franchises. DayZ seeks to lift itself up to the mainstream level and gain a new fanbase while rewarding their dedicated and loyal fans with improved quality as well.

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