Sparkle is a puzzle game for the Playstation Vita from 10tons Ltd. The player is given an orb slinger to fight off the darkness from Cranberry Woods. Sparkle’s gameplay is a mixture of both Bubble Bobble and Centipede fused together. Players have a moving trail of orbs and have to match 3 or more of the same color orbs to clear them from the trailer. If the trailer of orbs meets the darkness (a hole that sits behind the orb slinger) then it’s game over.

If you clear sets of orbs quickly from the board you will gang up on the game with power ups such as the Joker Orb or Orb Blaster that help you clear the stage and boost your overall score for the level. Once you’ve cleared a level you gain access to amulets.

The Amulets will give the player’s orb slinger powers during the match just like the powers up do, but they are permanent. Only one Amulet can be used per match. The gameplay is simple but is addicting nonetheless. There are a lot of levels and as players progress through the Quest Mode they become more challenging as players must fight harder and harder to keep the darkness at bay. There are two other modes of play in addition to Quest Mode – Challenge and Survival. In Challenge mode the goal is to clear the levels as quick as possible and in Survival players must test their wits and see how long they can brave the darkness.

The only thing Sparkle really lacks is a multiplayer mode. It would have been cool to challenge other plays over the PSN, and it would have just made so much more sense than being restricted to solo play only. Nearly every other puzzle game out there has some aspect of Multiplayer these days and it has almost become a staple of the genre, so its absence in Sparkle was painfully noticeable. There a few extras in the game beyond what is described here to keep players coming back, but nothing that stands out or gets a player really excited for their return. The gameplay and the promise is so solid that playing with / against others or even just having a leader-board to gauge skills would have put this game on par with others in its path. Now to play devil’s advocate for a moment, this release is still potentially a great move by 10tons as you can also try this game out before you buy it.

Final Verdict:

Even with the lack of any online multiplayer Sparkle is still a solid and fun puzzle game. You get the complete package when you pay the $6 bucks to purchase the game and that is a good trade off for other puzzle games which are Freemium titles. Sparkle is a solid puzzler with a great price but the lack of multiplayer and extra features hold this back from being up there with great puzzle titles out today. The PlayStation Vita version of Sparkle gets a respectable 6 out of 10, but needs to bring more to the table in the future to really wow the Puzzle genre and dedicated handheld gaming market audience.

Overall Score: 6/10

Developer / Publisher: 10tons Ltd.

Available On: Vita | iOS | Android | PC | Mac OS X

Played On: PlayStation Vita

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