Why Mass Effect Andromeda’s “bad” animations aren’t a big deal

Recently their has been an outcry over the animations in Mass Effect Andromeda, even some of the characters. People saying that they look bad, they aren’t up to par with other games, the whole nine yards of comparisons and complaints. People even ignoring other games as of recent that don’t have the best animations. Now I am not saying they look amazing in Andromeda all the time, just that this isn’t something new. The original games, and even Bioware’s most recent Dragon Age: Inquisition share this same problem. I can’t tell you how many times characters in Mass Effect 3 would go into weird facial spasms. Or just odd creepy smiles, awkward sex scenes, or just blank emotionless faces.

The recent Horizon Zero Dawn at time’s has odd and awkward animations to look at. Characters may look lifeless, or the emotions that they are trying to convey just look off and odd. It can’t ruin the enjoyment of the game because it’s not constant, but it’s just not this big issue and it’s nothing new to gaming in general. I don’t see anyone talking about gameplay, the exploration or the story. They are just stuck on talking about some wonky animations in conversations.

This whole issue to me has just been overblown. Even to the fact where people are attacking one of the developers which is just insane to me. But at the end of the day, it’s nothing new to gaming, should it be better? Yes of course but you can’t attack this game for it, and yet ignore all the others. I will admit when one of the characters in Andromeda was walking like a gorilla, I just laughed.


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