Skyrim Will Hit PS4 / Xbox ONE an Error

Update: The listing it seems, was an error brought on due to a bug within the site’s CMS.

Peter Hines, VP of Development for Bethesda clarified on twitter.

Pete Hines @DCDeacon 

“We have been working on the CMS that runs our sites. A bug caused platforms that don’t exist to show up for some games Sorry for confusion.”

He also went ahead and debunked the post from reddit.

Randy @vindictate

@DCDeacon “is it true you guys a “special announcement” on either 1.12.14 or 12.1.14!?! (Fallout 4 pls)”

Pete Hines @DCDeacon 

@vindictate “no. Another fan hoax”


So as of right now, Skyrim is not coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Sorry for those who got their hopes up, but hey he didn’t flat out say Skyrim isn’t coming, so there’s that.

Original Story below:

According to a new posting on the Bethesda Softworks website, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which was fairly well received on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 despite glitches (and also made a fairly well appearance, modding community and all, on the PC platform) will eventually make an arrival on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. This was first discovered by OnlySP and proof can be found on Bethesda’s own website HERE.

[Source: Bethesda via OnlySP]

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