Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4 Exclusive) Adds Left Handed Support (Huh?) And Bug Fixes w/ 1.05 Update

Free updates, we like ’em, we loathe em. On one hand they are free and probably improve the game we’re playing (unless it’s EA’s Battlefield 4 but hey, that’s another story for another article). Killzone: Shadow Fall on PlayStation 4 will now allow you to aim with the left stick and walk with the right stick. This is a feature that barely any games support and yet Guerrilla Games are calling it “Left Handed Support” as if it’s a standardized function of controllers.

If anybody actually prefers to play with this feel free to correct me but I think it would be way too hard to get used to after not having the feature made possible for so many years worth of games since the last one I’ve seen that supports swapping the thumbsticks. That also got me to thinking, if this is really important to people and helpful for lefties – shouldn’t all games support it? How hard is it really to swap key bindings from one stick to the other in an options menu? Not sure but in any event, here are your patch notes!

Patch 1.05 bugs fixes:

  • Several UI issues fixed
  • Error messages in Multiplayer amended to have better indication of the error
  • Edge-case crashes related to friends lists fixed
  • Additional integrity fixes for the patching system

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