Ryse : Son of Rome Xbox ONE Review

Ryse: Son of Rome is a third person action/adventure game developed by Crytek and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox ONE. The game follows Roman commander Marius as he leads his armada against the invading barbarians and tells of his story to his rise to power.

The game is set in Ancient Rome before the fall of the empire and the setting feels immersive so players will really feel as if they are there with the characters on-screen. Crytek really did a good job in harnessing the power of the Xbox ONE for this game. Every sound in this game (the music, the voice actors, the effects) will really boom in your sound system or speaker setups. The level of quality in this game is on par with that of a movie and will really keep you in tune with what’s going on around you.

Once you first step on the battlefield with Marius there is no turning back. The game guides you into using the controls and never holds your hand even when set on an easier difficulty. You use the X button to attack, the Y to break your opponent’s block, the A button to block/parry and the B to dodge powerful attacks. The enemies will come at you non-stop and are varied to keep you on your toes. Luckily ending your attackers is made amazingly fun with executions. When your enemy is near death you can hit the right trigger and then hit the corresponding buttons in the quick time event to knock off your pursuers in a brutal way.

The locales will throw many different scenarios at you to advance and you have to adapt on the fly to meet the threat of the barbarians head. Marius also has a focus meter where he can use powers of the gods to dispatch his enemies by slowing down time and other special moves. When the bodies and blood of your enemies start to drop Marius will gain experience to expand his health and focus meters, attack powers and executions. There are also weapons you can acquire in the field to handle certain situations and the different types of enemies. Marius can also command a Roman Armada by holding the positions, making formations, mending weapons, and more to gain grown on the opposing forces. The only thing the single player lacks is limited interactivity with objects in the environment and game-world and you can’t customize Marius like your online gladiator but other than these noticeable deficiencies the campaign is glorious.

When players step into the online arena they take the role of a rookie gladiator and follow him along the rise to fame. You can step into the area with another gladiator or go in alone to claim the prize and glory for yourself. You can choose a god to align with and gain certain abilities and perks to customize your fighter. In the arena you have to advance through the objectives to keep the crowd happy and gain experience points. The enemies in the online mode are more powerful than the ones in single player and the area will change during your match. The downfall of this mode is the limited amount of objectives and maps. This may be fixed in future DLC but we will have to wait and see if Crytek delivers them and delivers them properly.

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Final Verdict:

Crytek has engineered an amazing adventure in Ryse: Son of Rome in both single-player and multiplayer. Lack of Interactivity with the game world, lack of a substantial variety in multiplayer content, and equal mode character customization across multi and single player offerings hold it back from being a classic. Ryse is still a flagship title for the Xbox ONE and a must own for all who have the system.

Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developers: Crytek

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Available On: Xbox ONE

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

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