Where Are the Dedicated Servers We Were Promised for COD: Ghosts? ; Unstable 60FPS on PS4

Activision and Infinity Ward made it clear that Microsoft helped them pay for their very well put-together presentations of Call of Duty Ghosts which was revealed to the world in greatly prepared, well detailed events. While the explosion of Ghosts info was occurring, they had let us know that the Xbox ONE version of the game would be running on dedicated servers for its competitive multiplayer. Later on down the line, the announcement came through that the dedicated servers would actually be for ALL PLATFORMS… but where are they? Surely they meant gameplay servers and not “dedicated log-in servers”, or was it all just a grammatical deception based on a technicality?

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game have been experiencing plenty of “Host Migrations” which on their own indicate that the dedicated servers for Call of Duty Ghosts have not yet been deployed. What’s even worse, the Xbox ONE version was confirmed at 720P by Infinity Ward who initially said the PlayStation 4 version of the game would run at a native 1080P with 60 frames per second. Now the earliest reviews of the PS4 edition are telling a different story.

In multiplayer, PS4 players are having the game “slow to a crawl” as too many visual effects cause COD’s dated engine to chug, chug, chug. The frames per second are typically well above 50 but there are certain parts of the game that struggle to maintain a full 60FPS, contrary to what we were promised by the developer and publisher. Since the reviews of the Xbox ONE version are still under embargo, it is difficult to compare these versions until RealGamerNewz gets our hands on them both (which we will). The 1080P format may have been a poor choice, and the delay of launching dedicated servers worries us greatly that they may never arrive at all (at least for certain platforms).

Share your thoughts with us on the current-gen game so far and you’re anticipation of the next gen Ghosts in the comments section below.

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