Trusting The Game Industry In 2013… A Never Ending Let-Down?

The reason why I’m writing this for your viewing pleasure is to discuss how most problems within the gaming industry are caused by money and time. When you go pick up next-gen games or consoles you’ll either have fun or be completely blind sided on what you were promised with the system. Each corporation like Sony or Microsoft either lied to the gamers, had to switch something up for the consumers, (i.e.  DRM, Always online, etc.), or have been in the very least misleading about the details of the features they are able to provide.

With each of these in mind I found it interesting how Sony never gave a straight answer about DRM for third party games unlike Microsoft’s heavily criticized direct approach which was later shot down and reversed. For the most part it has become the thorn in Xbox ONE’s side and presented us with perhaps the most hated console of all time since the Sony PS3.

At least Microsoft was giving us a heads-up to the gaming community about the future direction third party wanted them to head in, even if without the reasons behind it. Instead Sony and third party companies like EA took the path of pretending they never planned on doing any sort of DRM in the first place. As if Microsoft just magically came up with this all by themselves and it wasn’t in demand from these same companies that we’ve seen nickel and dime us to protect their own investments whilst trying everything to kill used game sales which they call loss of potential profits.

Sony has said in a lot of interviews about online passes that most Publishers like Ubisoft or EA used in the past, that this technology is still available to third party on the PlayStation 4 if they want to use it. Sony will not use it on first party games according to new promises post-E3 2013. Well not anymore, this is now the reason why when the consoles got announced these head Publishers wanted DRM on all the games that were made so they can could make more money and not get less when someone bought a pre-owned copy of said software.

This works in as well with the schemes of never-ending DLC, incomplete games, day one patches, pre-order bonuses with each different retailer because of promotional partnerships and deals. In many cases Capcom has been caught having most of their DLC already on the disc itself and making us gamers buy a code to unlock it just to use a skin for a character.

With most companies that circle around themselves trying to figure out how to save or make money with either making a console with cheap hardware and it breaks after the first 30 minutes of playing, the game industry is beginning to make everyone mad which includes myself.

I can’t trust Microsoft because of changing policies that could easily be changed back whenever they or third party companies want them to. With Sony being shady and acting like everyone’s best friend meanwhile assuring us that third party will be in charge of DRM in many interviews, you’d be a fool to trust them either. Keeping all of this in mind, we as gamers spend a lot of money for this kind of entertainment because we love it but we keep dealing with the same problems that we always encounter with the big heads of Sony, Microsoft, and all the other Publishers, but these problems are getting worse and the endgame may soon be in sight.

Keep in mind that developers really don’t have a say what goes into their game in the long run because of what I said before with pre-order, promoting, and online pass decisions being made from the top-down at publisher companies and even sometimes higher than that at their parent companies. It’s easy for me to tell you today that trusting these companies is hard for me with everything coming out into the light about both Sony and Microsoft and the persisting promise to third party that they cause DRM any time they want. Developers of games seem to never be able to give us what they promise these days whether it be blamed on cut backs, time, money, or whatever the case might be.

We keep getting incomplete games like Forza Motorsport 5 which has less than half as many cars and tracks as Forza Motorsport 4, still being sold at full $60 price, and will end up costing over $200 by the time DLC is done releasing for it. The attack of the Season Passes never ends either as your friends leave you behind in isolation if you choose not to pay beyond $60 for a single experience.

How do you readers feel when everything that comes to be in an half-finished product? Do you feel like you were promised more and never got your money’s worth? Let me know just one thing, can you honestly say that you trust the game industry in 2013? Comment down below and keep it clean!

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