Mass Effect Andromeda Artbook Review

Mass Effect Andromeda has been out for a few weeks now. I have beaten it, and I’m currently writing my review on the game, but in the meantime I wanted to share a little something else with everyone. I am a huge fan of sci-fi and I love getting the concept art books that are released alongside these series. The Alien, Halo, Mass Effect, and Star Wars art books are the ones I usually get, so naturally I was excited to get the Andromeda collectors edition artbook. This artbook was a gift from someone special to me, but the content within this reminds me of the first time I read through the artbook for the first Mass Effect. Seeing how they went through the designs of the new aliens, the new worlds, going into detail on everything, how they wanted it all to work out. Some of the art in this is just astounding.

The book is separated into categories, the opening section talks about the characters and how they were created, going into the detail of all different outfits Peebee went through. To has sections for the new races, technology, my personal favorite section is the worlds being detailed. Some of my favorite art I have ever seen has to pertain to the design of Meridian, one of the locations in Andromeda. Also showing plenty of detail into the worlds, just artistry that you want to hang on your wall, from the wasteland of Eos, to the snow filled world of Voled, the designs are so well realized.

The collectors edition version also comes with blueprints of the games ship, the Tempest. These blueprints are amazing, the detail and the quality is just masterful, honestly I can’t do them justice by talking about them just see them here. But it goes into detail about how the ship works, and where everything is placed, while being it’s own nice Andromeda Galaxy themed hardcover.

The quality of the book is of course hardcover, featuring the Helios cluster as the cover for it, coming a super color and beautiful color to gaze at. The foreword, and writing from the artist in the book is insightful, giving you a idea of how they came to the designs they came to. My favorite section is how they talk about the decision for the Ketts design, some of the ideas in there are so masterful, you can’t help but feel slightly disappointed by the final design.

This is one of the best artbooks I have ever had the pleasure of getting my hand and reading through. I don’t want to say or show too much of what’s in this due to spoilers. But if you are a sci-fi fan or Mass Effect fan, this is a must have to your collection. I highly recommend this piece of art, stay tuned for my full review of Mass Effect Andromeda here at RGN.


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