Luke’s Impressions of the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Japanese Trailer

So what did you guys think about the new Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes trailer?? Well yes, it’s the same one shown last year at the VGA Awards – but this time in Japanese!!! As I heard Keefer Sutherland’s voice mutter them famous words “Kept you waiting, Huh”, I was in awe.

For me he nailed it but many would disagree and that’s fine because not all of the voice acting in this trailer is perfect. Skullface, the mysterious new Protagonist with a Burnt face and rocking a badazz duster-coat, really got me excited because if there’s one thing Kojima knows how to do it’s to make the best villains in the business. So I was awaiting to see what voice he would hold, and as it turns out it sounds nothing like his character and to be honest. I was quite disappointed in this. The other voice is a familiar one – Kaz, who still has the same voice actor Robin Atkin Downes which I was more than happy with.

All in all the voice acting in my opinion was great except for Skullface but who knows, I may be wrong because not much of the Trailer shows him talking.

Please – if you haven’t gone and checked out the trailer I advise you to check it out HERE, yes it’s the same trailer but it gives us a taste of what is to come and at first it may sound weird hearing Keefer corrupt our beloved snake’s voice but I couldn’t have picked a better voice for snake. You can tell he cares about the character which is what the Metal Gear series needs. There is also a new direct feed demo of the game HERE without the Japanese commentary nor the bad feed and also the sounds of the game are much louder in this one. For more information about the upcoming title check out our dedicated Metal Gear Solid V Section Here.

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