ARMA 3 Review

ArmA 3 comes from Bohemia Entertainment and they are the people behind the whole ArmA series so there is lots of progression coming into ArmA 3. Bohemia has also made possible one of the most popular mods for ArmA 2 and that is DayZ which was created by Dean “Rocket” Hall and took the PC gaming market by storm thanks to DayZ bringing a realistic zombie survival experience to the PC Gaming and Mod Community to ArmA 2 and now Bohemia will move forward with that mod by publishing a more polished release of the mod called DayZ Standalone. But none of that would have been possible if it weren’t for the already critically acclaimed ArmA series which is huge with military simulation crowds and is really just a great time for those who can appreciate the Real Virtuality 3 Game Engine.

ArmA 3 does have a campaign, it’s just not out yet. It didn’t launch with the game but will be launching later on as episodic content and will be free to all players who purchased ArmA 3. Besides the campaign not being there yet, there currently are challenges that will test the user’s skill level in ArmA 3. These start out with a Firing Squad and progress from there. Another big chunk of single player gameplay are the Showcases which are where the game really shows off some of its high fidelity and beauty by letting the user play in some awesome and spectacular levels. Level design ranges through everything from infantry gameplay, to drones, and gunships. These selected pieces of the game are really jaw-dropping and every little detail in them is great, it’s immediately apparent that Bohemia really didn’t leave anything out in these sections.

Some of the other sections that are found in Showcases include Scuba, Helicopters, Combines Arms, Commanding, Night, Support, Tanks, Armed Assault, CSAT, AAF, and Vehicles. So with these and the challenges I feel that Bohemia Entertainment did a fair job covering their bases for the single player content at least until the campaign episodes come out. Scenarios is a part of the game that is fully supported by the Steam Workshop where new content is added daily from ‘modders’ in ArmA 3, which is really fun to see. The developers have allowed the community to add their own twist to the gameplay and levels which can be played within the realm of ArmA 3.

ArmA 3 has a very different type of gameplay of course, it’s a military shooter and this is the definitive version to be playing. Coming from an experienced Battlefield player perspective this game is very different all around, tactically as a player the user has to be a lot smarter in every way from the gun selection all the way to how the player is moving. Stamina is a huge part of movement in ArmA 3 because each player moves as if they are a real soldier and they run out of air which causes several things to happen such as the gun moving around when the user is trying to aim and getting shaky from an elevated heart rate. The guns also fire very accurately and this is due to ArmA 3’s nearly perfect simulation. Every factor of real life warfare comes into play here, such as wind and even elevation. Scopes also need to be zero’d in and this can be very hard without going through the tutorial missions to get the whole grasp on shooting.

Gear is part of ArmA 3 and can be switched out from each soldier as well as taken off of dead soldiers in the field. If while playing the game you’re sick of running so much, take one of the many vehicles for a spin which make the game a lot more fun especially if the player decides to take a tank or an attack helicopter. A lot of damage can be done with one of those. Every vehicle has so much detail from the external appearance as well as all the way through the interior with every vehicle fully fleshed out, even down to the very last button on the dashboard.

Controls for ArmA 3 are not like your typical first person shooter. They are a lot more advanced. Sure W, A, S, D is for basic movement but for everything else ArmA 3 makes a bit more difficult and can be quite a steep learning curve. For users that plan on playing a lot of ArmA 3, the single player is mandatory for getting used to the controls because they are very advanced and unlike anything seen in other shooters. If the user has a good knowledge of the keyboard it will come as a benefit and possibly even advantage in ArmA 3 considering almost all of the keyboard is used while playing the game. Even driving vehicles is a challenge. Normal vehicles, such as trucks and ATVs, are not a problem as they handle quite normally. But other vehicles such as tanks and choppers prove to be a steep, steep learning curve and aren’t anything for ‘noobs’ of the series to attempt.

Multiplayer is back and better than ever with ArmA 3 which has to have one of the biggest and most dedicated communities out there. When loading up ArmA 3 and jumping into multiplayer there is a massive server list and it’s filled with a ton of variations of games. It’s hard not to find a server that isn’t fun to join. With ArmA 3 Multiplayer there are many great mods out online right now. One of the biggest seems to be Wasteland at the time of this Review posting, which is a sandbox survival mod and is basically one of the hottest modes to play in multiplayer just because of how much fun it is and its appeal for playing with friends online. The community, from what I have found, is great at adapting to new players joining and willing to help a fellow soldier out at getting into the game as well as improving their skills with some of the best communication found via both voice and text chat which is present right in the ArmA 3 multiplayer matches themselves.

Final Verdict: ArmA 3 is a huge game and the best military simulation shooter on the market. With one of the biggest communities on the market, and tons of content coming out daily, ArmA 3 has a huge replay-ability from playing new mods to playing countless hours of multiplayer. ArmA 3 is also a beautiful game to look at. The detail is truly amazing and it’s really nice to see that Bohemia Entertainment put such a high level of polish on the game. Unfortunately, some of the biggest parts of the game are still to come such as the episodic content and hopefully a smash-hit mod like DayZ was for ArmA 2. The game is also extremely rough on newcomers trying to jump into the series as far as learning the controls goes, but a great community helps offset that by making it worth it. In its current state, ArmA 3 gets a 9 out of 10 making it one of RGN’s Gold Games.

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Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Available On: Windows PC

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