Chaos Code is a fighting game developed by FK Digital and published by Arc System Works. The game is set in the not too distant future where an energy source called “Chaotics” that is supposed to end the energy crisis brings with a new one of its own. The creator of “Chaotics” has found that the energy source would advance life as we know it so much that the world would cease to evolve. The creator after discovering this revelation goes into hiding and creates the “Chaos Code” a record of all the information about “Chaotics”. The world leaders are now trying to find the creator and obtain the “Chaos Code”. During this time the creator kicks off a tournament to obtain the “Chaos Code” and people from far and wide are coming to claim it. The combatants all have their own personal reason to achieve access to “Chaos Code” and this is where the game begins.

Chaos Code may boast a classic 8×4 control scheme but brings with it some refreshing changes.You can change up control modes (run/step) before the match as well as selecting your two “Chaos moves”. Once you in a match you can use both of the Chaos moves you selected on there character select screen. The Chaos moves will either give you the ability to take a big chunk out of your opponent’s life gauge or give you a limitless combo. Characters make use of their Chaos moves depending on their fighting styles and moves sets.The gameplay is fast but fluid no matter who you chose and the game has some of the most unique characters I’ve seen in recent fighters.

There are 14 characters in the game that include soldiers,cooks, gods, cyborgs, sorceress and others that all have their sights set on the “Chaos Code”. Chaos Code makes each of these characters easy to pick up and play with and even novice fighters will have a blast right away. The combos are easy to pull off as well as the Chaos moves. You will not get frustrated with the controls or A.I. during the Story/Arcade mode and you will have a blast during a versus match.

The game boast several modes including Story, Versus, Survival, Practice, Record and Gallery. The graphics of Chaos Code are colorful yet stylish and the characters blend in with the active backgrounds. The game has a quirky yet stellar soundtrack that you will probably be caught humming after spending time with the game. The only downfall of the game is the lack of an online mode. This really hurts the player on not being able to show their skills off online. Chaos Code overall is a solid fighter with great characters, fighting system and controls. If you love other Arc System Works fighters you will love this game.

Killzown Reviews Chaos Code (Video Review)

Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: FK Digital

Publisher: Arc System Works

Available On: Arcade / PlayStation 3

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