Control 3 Characters Living Their Lives Simoltaneously in Story Mode of Grand Theft Auto V

Some gamers may not know this, but Rockstar Games has redefined the story mode experience of Grand Theft Auto with their latest installment set to release worldwide for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 exclusively tomorrow. GTA V actually sees players taking control of all three characters seen in the promotional trailers up until now (catch up in our dedicated GTA V Section).

The player can switch at any time between these three characters and be injected into that person’s life-in-motion to experience what they’re doing at any given moment. Rockstar Games has put in a lot of effort to make sure this is exciting every time you do it, and thankfully you won’t have to worry about accidentally running over one of your own characters (they’ve taken care of this for you, making sure it won’t happen). Now of course, such a fresh and original mechanic may just be an “illusion” by some standards, but this is something we haven’t seen before in a GTA game and will likely make it a lot harder to get bored while playing through the story mode of GTA V to say the least.

Get to know the three characters you’ll play as, and what the switching gameplay is like, in the High Definition Gameplay Reveal of GTA V below.

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