Grand Theft Auto V has finally hit the shelves, and it’s already become the fastest selling game of all time. Leading up to release GTA V was arguably considered the most anticipated game of the year, if not of all time. It’s all about a group of very different criminals teaming up to pull off a heist in which they’ll all either fall once and for all, or finally make it big. Along with many other story sensitive things along the side, this review will save you from spoilers but give you a great intel if you’re one of those who still haven’t got the game yet. The freedom, the variety, the stories, and of course the ability to do whatever you want all over a big open world map have all come back as the fifth installment of Rockstar Games’ flagship series arrives exclusively on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: In terms of original score in this game I felt that music fit very very well into the HD GTA universe and followed up the tone for previous installments. As for the radio music some of the best yet in a GTA title are in this one with songs such as “I Don’t Care Anymore”, “Hood Gone Love it”, “The Setup”, “Sleepwalking”, “Ali Bomaye”, and “Illuminate”. Voice acting in GTA V is amazing as always with the authentic tone of the west coast hood, Hollywood (which is Vinewood in the game), and the country areas as well. Audio effects from weapon firing to cars and engines humming sound real and wonderful.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: GTA V is by far the best looking game to come to this generation of consoles with realistic faces and lighting affects so good you could get lost in them. Physics are the best possible for current gen hardware and will surprise you including the parachute coming out as a good example in this title. The only thing limiting this game is the fact next-gen couldn’t come soon enough. The use of the engine in various games after GTA IV has really helped them perfect it in this as it looks almost next gen with only minor pop-in textures here and there but besides that virtually flawless performance.

Controls / Gameplay: In terms of gameplay this is one those games were you can truly call a sequel in which everything is upgraded and better than before along with plenty of new features. The mechanics are just totally redesigned and improved. Driving is more like a racing game but with that GTA spin on it of feeling reckless at certain points in time but still comparable to high end racing games. Shooting is very different but still fits in a GTA game, I know people can compare it to Red Dead, L.A. Norie, and Max Payne but it feels more like GTA than anything to me. The same goes for the driving being compared to Midnight Club, for me it all feels like GTA evolved. The addition of three main characters adds an even deeper level of gameplay than any game before it. Each of them has a specific special power with Michael having “Bullet Effect” which slows down time to allow better aiming and making quick moves into cover.

Trevor’s power gives him a power boost which he can cause more damage but take less damage. Franklin can slow down time while driving to make fast octane turns between cars, corners, and various other objects and also allows him to shoot good in the car similar to Michael’s power. They also have a stat set which certain characters are better at things right away and they will also level up by performing those tasks more often.

Trevor is a good pilot and better in combat, Franklin is a better driver, Michael is a better shooter and better at silent movements. Switching between them in mission allows for better vantage points or for being able to do a different task, off mission will go into their daily life that could be waking up, spending time with family friends, driving, getting chased by cops or gangs, or being drunk in the desert. Playing Tennis, Golf, or Darts among many other things to do in the world of San Andreas allow for more variety of experience but are no longer necessary chores as in GTA IV. The world has so much to do yet again from street racing to racing in dune buggies, every last bit of gameplay is awesome. Even just watching TV or listening to the radio while maybe getting drunk or high is an experience worth having in GTA V. Now that it’s not a chore you’ll sometimes even enjoy going on hang outs (at your request only) with friends or picking up street hookers for some “fun” and STDs.

Story: You either Live or Die in Los Santos. Former bank robber Michael De Santa is living the “dream”, his “happy ending” sitting by his pool every day, all day, getting drunk and listening to his family hate him while Franklin is living in the hood as a 2 bit gangster and thinks everyone around him is a moron who lack larger goals in life (specifically more money and smarter ways of getting it). Trevor is living out in the desert countryside selling drugs, “making friends”, fighting people, and being Trevor. Throughout the game these men have to plan high-end heists and if they succeed to make it big they could become set for life.

There is a lot of context and side-content to the storylines in these character’s lives which they become faced with and make the game feel even more real such as Franklin living in the hood and Trevor pizzing people off, or Michael’s emotional and family problems. The game’s story is pitched near the top for me in crime drama. I would go further but this game is so spoiler-tense that to show compassion for you I will let you enjoy it yourself as it is truly an emotional experience. While being funny at times the story of GTA V takes itself very seriously and is similar to some of our own lives.

Grand Theft Auto V is not just a game about killing people, it is authentic and based on stuff that really does happen in America every day. Whether you’re engrossed in what’s going on with the story or not though, you’ll always be having fun during every moment of gameplay. Stop for gas some time and rob an armored car with a single grenade or help a desperate store owner from a couple of punk thieves via random encounters, or just buy stocks and items online while stalking people on lifeinvader,  the choice is in your hands.

Replay Ability: The Highest of the High

Final Verdict: Grand Theft Auto V is by far in my top of top games ever of all time. It brings new elements and remains highly successful at delivering a unique and powerful punch. The very amazing storytelling in this game is top notch, Rockstar Games has done it again. GTA V gains a perfect RealGamerNewz Diamond 10 out 10 rating, you can not miss this one.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 10/10

RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developers: (Main Dev) RockStar North

(additonal work) RockStar NYC, RockStar San Diego, Rockstar Leeds, RockStar Toronto, RockStar New England, RockStar London, and RockStar Lincoln

Publisher: RockStar Games

Distributor: Take-Two Interactive

Available On: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Played On: Xbox 360

PC Version Review Here

PS4 / XO Version Review Here

Review Copy Info- A physical copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher in a Review Kit for the purpose of this review.

Notes: The Grand Theft Auto Online portion of the game will receive a separate review when it launches due to the fact it is a separate game  link to it will appear here.

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