Subject 9 is Now Available: VexTech Corp Must Be Stopped In 2092

Welcome to Subject 9, a newly released independent game by Diffusional Arts set in the year 2092 in a corrupt world where the VexTech Corp has taken control of a war-scorched northern hemisphere. You play as Subject 9, a man that somehow regains his memories after psychotic experimentation has turned him into a mindless killing machine, or so VexTech Corp had hoped. Now, with renewed memories of individuality, Subject 9 will turn this world on its head as VexTech Corp scrambles to stop the destructive monster they have created from removing their tyrannical empire’s grip on the world.

The following video shows off some pretty sweet graphics for an indie title, or any game at all for that matter. Subject 9  If the trailer has sold you, you can buy it here now for under ten bucks. Subject 9 is also up for votes on Steam’s Greenlight program which could eventually get the game released on Valve’s massive PC digital distribution network for games, Steam. Click Here if you’re interested in supporting this! More info can be found on the official Subject 9 website.

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