Basic overview was gone over once more and if you missed that last time here’s a few summarizing details:

  • Create-A-Soldier: Replaces Create-A-Class and makes a new way to approach who you are as a player. Made up of multiple components including Character Customization.
  • Unlock Weapons with Squad Points to purchase equipment in any order you want.
  • Perk System is balanced and more custom with more Perks. 8 Slots to divide between the Perks, but each has its own weighted amount (for example 1, 2, 3, 5 slot points for one perk depending on its strength). You can remove your secondary though to get even more perks.
  • Strike Packages: Assault, Support, Specialist; New Killstreaks mainly ground-based to prevent over-powered attacks.

More of that Info on these details can be found HERE as originally detailed by the first multiplayer reveal. You can also check out that first Livestream if you missed it in its entirety Here.

New Exclusive Info – Blitz Gameplay Mode:

For the first time ever at Gamescom 2013, we were shown the new Gameplay mode Blitz on new landscapes Chasm, Whiteout, and Strikeout. In Blitz, players will be like Capture the Flag however you get to teleport back to safety with running into a portal after you grab an objective deep inside the enemy player’s camp. There of course you’ll have to defend your base and a timer is set on the enemy base once a flag is capped so that things can’t get too ridiculous.

The 9-Bang: A Flashbang that can be cooked and it increases its effect the more you hold it. If you just hold it and run, it still serves as a normal Flashbang.

Some weapons have built-in silencers or other attachments for example the Honey Badger, that way they have a more unique identity.

Odin Strike is completely different depending on which map you are on. Field Order must be completed in order to gain this weapon. When you drop the Odin Strike it will change the map’s dynamics in a big way. On one map, for example, a Satellite falls from the sky and wrecks parts of the  map while also causing an EMP effect.

Second-Screen Mode: Apps detect if you’re in the middle of playing the game and allows you to start modifying your squads, change your gear, and interact with social media on the fly. Most importantly, the App will have Clan Wars in addition to Clan Chat and a lot of Clan Support. Clan Wars has a new map every month with different locations that tie into different game modes from the game. You are matched up against other clans with the same size and skill level that you must compete with by playing the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer. By playing in your matches, the data is cumulatively tracked. Every play you make with your clan changes the standing of your clan. The Call of Duty App will be on iOS (phone/tablet), Android (phone/tablet), and Windows 8 (phone/tablet).

Check out the entire Livestream Playback below:

*NOTE: Best viewed with AdBlock turned on, Skip to 5 Minutes in 1st Video to Begin** CLICK HERE for the full Gameplay Footage as well as every detail revealed today by Activision and Infinity Ward. CLICK HERE for the first Livestream that premiered the Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Gameplay. Enjoy our COD: Ghosts dedicated coverage section as well as Gamescom 2013 dedicated coverage section (both of which can be subscribed to by RSS by typing /feed after the URL and punching them into your favorite RSS readers). Alternatively, you can Follow us on Twitter for more info.



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