Killzone Mercenary Preview


Killzone: Mercenary is an upcoming First Person Shooter coming to the PS Vita giving you the power to merk, pun intended, people in the palm of your hands much like you do any time you play a FPS.

KZ: Mercenary takes place right after the original KZ, but before the sequels on the PS3. You play as Arran Danner as the war leaves Vekter and heads to the Helghan home front. If you are a fan of the series, this game won’t disappoint you. Once you adjust to playing on such a small screen, the game starts to feel much like its PS3 cousin and is beautiful looking too.

The online Multiplayer still carries over a lot of familiarity from KZ2 and KZ3 with 8 multiplayer modes where you can score cash  to upgrade your weapons and rank. The engine of the game is amazing and really pushes the Vita’s capability almost to PS3 level graphics.

Another cool aspect of the game is the cash you attain through single player and multiplayer allows you to accumulate money through both to upgrade and purchase weapons. The weapons included in the beta are rifles, SMGs, LMGs, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, pistols, flash grenades, frags, incendiaries, and even lethal gas. These, along with your armor selections and VAN-Guards, can be assigned to five customizable classes which are unlocked as your rank increases. This can get very expensive which will then make you also want to go back to the campaign to earn more cash to purchase the really heavy-hitting weapons.

KZ: Mercenary also has very suited controls for the small PS Vita which surprisingly worked well. The controls are a little different from the controller of course, and adjusting will take some time, but once you get familiar with the controls it becomes a cinch and mowing down enemy forces gets easier.

Killzone: Mercenary really surprised me in both mechanics and looks. This game is shaping up to be on of the Vita’s best games as well as it’s best shooter. Look forward to the game’s release exclusively for PlayStation Vita on September 10th.

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