SimCity Launches on Mac, Unplayable Just Like When It Launched on Windows

Mac users are reporting that SimCity from MAXIS and EA Games is completely unplayable and in most cases will not even install on the Mac OS X operating system. If you forgot what the Windows PC launch was like, take your pick at the following headlines it resulted in:

EA Makes Mad Rush to Fix Broken SimCity Release

Petition Against EA to Remove “Always Online” DRM from SimCity

EA Tells Affiliates “Stop Actively Promoting” SimCity, No Console Version Coming

Fans Fed Up: EA and Maxis Make Empty Promise & Gesture in Face of IP Disaster

EA Insult to Gaming Community’s Intelligence, Maxis Silent Accomplice Speaks Out

To make a long story short, it’s happening all over again on the Mac OS X platform. That’s all, nothing to see here folks. We had hoped SimCity would change and grow into a reasonably accepted game experience by potentially removing DRM and releasing on Steam, neither of those things happened though and instead we get another smack in the face. Nice job MAXIS and EA, thanks for showing us (in case we wanted to know) how to completely murder a classic franchise.

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