Anomaly 2 comes from 11 Bit Studios out of Warsaw, Poland. They are famous for their tower defense series Anomaly. They have also come out with several other titles including Funky Smugglers and Sleepwalker’s Journey, both of which are iOS, Blackberry, and Android. In Anomaly 2 the year is 2034 A.C. and most of the earth is frozen over. The world population is unknown. Machines have returned to Earth and have the sole purpose to annihilate the human race. You play as a small squad. As you travel across the campaign you will meet Doctor Zander. With the help of his associates you will have Project Shockwave, which is the ultimate weapon to use against the machines.

Anomaly 2 is a tower defense game where you will have to adapt to many different types of towers. During the campaign you will play as a commander of a squad of six vehicles, these are normal military vehicles. They also have the ability to morph so you will have more than one type of specialty for each unit. The six types of units are the Assault hound which morphs into the Hellhound, the Sledgehammer which morphs into the Rocket Hammer, Grippen Guard which morphs into the Shield Guard, Heavy Support which morphs into Drone Support, the Supply Servant which morphs into the Shadow Servant, Mobile Lab, and the Drone Truck. Now this is a wide variety of units to select from.

Most of the game you will be playing with the Assault Hound and the Sledgehammer. You do have the ability to play the game with what units you prefer. Some work better against different types of towers than others. The machines have many different types of towers and they all vary in size and power. The list of towers are: the Scorcher which has punishing damage but it only can shoot straight, the Charger which breaks open in the Storm Reaper, the Enforcer which is relatively weak but has shields surrounding it during battle, the Predator, the Behemoth which is heavily armored and has shock pulses, the Hacker, and the Scrambler tower which hides towers near it and it can’t attack units.

Play Anomaly 2 can be played on 4 different difficulties, there is definitely a challenge even on the lower end of the games’ difficulty. Players have to adapt to the towers and think on their feet if they want to survive each section. In addition to the units there is special abilities that the player can use to help, these are: Repair, Decoy, EMP, and A I M. These all play a role in the campaign as well as in multiplayer.

As you find yourself destroying towers you will pick up Carusaurm which is a rare element used to buy units and also supply the abilities. The controls are taught to the player in-game through several tutorial missions in the beginning of the game. This is also a great place to master some skills that will be needed later on down the road. The game throws a learning curve into the mix on how you go about moving through the map. Everything is on a map where in the tactical view you can switch what direction your units are moving and which way they need to go next. This is crucial, especially if you want to avoid having your whole squad wiped out by a cluster or towers or just a single tower.

Anomaly 2 has a great campaign but this game also shines in the newly added multiplayer where you have tower defense and you also play on the offense as well. That’s right, you have more to do and it’s a ton of fun to play. You have all the same towers to select from as you would in the campaign and also the same units to use as well. There is also the addition of more abilities these are for the person playing the towers they are: Regen, Berserk, Taunt, and Kamikaze. To win in multiplayer the player must either win by being the first to get to a certain amount of points or by gaining a certain point advantage over the other player. This can be done by destroying enemy units, making harvesters or destroying them, and by destroying generators.

Final Verdict: Anomaly 2 has a high replay value and at the current price point of $14.99 at their website which gets you a Steam key for Anomaly 2 and a DRM-free copy of Anomaly Korea for Windows. I see myself coming back to this game for more multiplayer action and with the addition of the new free DLC you can’t go wrong with Anomaly 2. This game gets an 8.7 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz and receives an RGN Rating of Silver.

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Overall Score: 8.7/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: 11 Bit Studios / Publisher: 11 Bit Studios

Available On: Windows PC / Mac / Linux

Played On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info- A digital voucher for this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for purposes of this review.

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