3DS Sold 1 Million Units in 3 Months While Wii U Sales Reach Ridiculously Slow Pace

Every company files what are known as Fiscal Reports. Every so often, Nintendo lets its shareholders and investors in general as well as the industry at large know what their revenues, units sold, and losses are looking like. This is a necessary part of most businesses as enormous as the video game development, publishing, and manufacturing giant known best for its creation of a golden age with the NES and SNES systems of ‘yester-year’ or its latest cultural phenomenon the Nintendo Wii.

According to Nintendo’s latest Fiscal Report, while the Nintendo 3DS has managed to move over 1 million units for the last 3 months, the Nintendo Wii U home console is failing to meet sales expectations set on it by the Japan-based company who has listed just 160,000 units sold in the same 3 month period.

Europe in particular has only seen 10,000 Nintendo Wii U sales in the past 3 months, which is troubling to say the least, with some stores in the region refusing to continue buying inventory from Nintendo. You can read the full financial report HERE which has been released by Nintendo detailing their entire breakdown of profits, revenues, and losses, as well as what’s going to happen within the company as a result to this failure to meet investors expectations and the company’s own projected goals.

This extreme lack of attention from a number of markets comes as a stark contrast to the Wii U’s strong sales start. Despite many misconceived reports, the system had begun with a momentum not seen before with last generation’s home console sales rates. This led some to believe that the Wii U could propel forward at a rapid rate. However, most criticisms from both the business and media side of things have come down on Nintendo’s lack of exclusive first-party titles, many of which have been teased but not released.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is cited as the main system seller for the Nintendo 3DS which is still keeping good old Ninty happy for the time being, however it is unclear if Pikmin 3 and Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros. will be able to get the high definition Wii U into people’s homes. Some of the more creative and enjoyable titles out right now for the Wii U include Game & Wario as well as Lego City: Undercover but most gamers are holding on to their money until they see something Zelda-related pop up for the console. It could be time for Nintendo to reveal a renewed push for the system in terms of letting the public know what it is capable of technologically and why we don’t just wish we had one but feel the need to get one immediately.

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