Battlefield 4 Shows Your Location Down to Which House on Which Street

He used to beat me on the leader board… not any more- reads the latest meme to hit the online multiplayer gaming scene as DICE and EA Games face heavy criticism from their most dedicated sections of Battlefield fan-base who were among the first to learn that Battlefield 4 will feature real world GeoLocation Tracking integrated with the online leader board for the upcoming first person shooter coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and PC (with downgraded version on PS3/360). This geo-tracking system shows your scores, your region, city, and even which street, block, and house you live at.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the screen-cap by scrolling down below and let us know if this is something you’re interested in. This service may or may not be 100% accurate depending on your internet service provider and the way your connection is routed to the game, however most people playing on consoles and broadband internet will be shocked with its accuracy.

Keep in mind, there will likely be no way to sue EA Games if you suffer real life consequences from gamer hatred that runs rampant in the first person shooter genre, as EA Games and DICE have stated that you will be able to “opt-out” of this feature. For those who popped it in, sync’d up, skipped through the menus saying “yes” to whatever setup screens popped up however, this could be too little too late to prevent real life encounters with otherwise anonymous internet haters. Instead of getting flagged as a cheater falsely by online crowds gamers can now enjoy getting their house egged, toilet papered, and possibly receiving a beat down in the streets if they end up running their lips. Click here for the full size image.

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