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Random aka Mega Ran

 That’s correct, this my friends, is the time that as they say, it gets real. The Countdown is ON! 4 days to go. as of the time that I’m drafting this email, this is what the scoreboard looks like:

back the project:

and I typed this last night, so that 4 DAYS is now 3 DAYS. Please remember that if we don’t reach $10,000, we get nothing.NOTHING, NADA. ZILCH.

 Thank you for helping us get this far, but we’re only $500 away from making history and becoming the first music act to go 4 FOR 4 on Kickstarter projects. This has definitely been the toughest campaign yet, and even if we don’t make it, I just have to say to you all, thank you. for believing in me, for helping me, for supporting me. I love you all and I appreciate every single one of you for even taking the time to read this. You guys make me feel like I can accomplish anything.

AND NOW with that being said… Here’s something to sweeten the pot: 

Many of you don’t know that I’m working on a Mega Man x Sonic EP with Mister Wilson, and the first single is done. Well, I’ll gladly give all backers the first single “Blur Bomber” for FREE once we hit the $10,000 mark. it’s all cued up and ready to rip:

that’s right! Backers first though! Just drop your pledges here to help out, any amount will get you the song, or if you can, just share the link:

Wondering what the heck we did in Japan? well check out this link of high res stills from the documentary:

then check out this self-made video of me in Yokohama hanging out with River City Records:

And lastly, TRAP is still bumpin through hoods here and abroad, Check out The Word Is Bond’s review of TRAP:

and if you haven’t gotten it yet, download TRAP for free here:

TOUR STARTS THIS FRIDAY! Officially Thursday when I play with the Protomen. See Dates Here!

And lastly, in non-me news: FINAL FANTASY VII is now on STEAM!Go get it and relive the memories all over again.

Peace! Let’s go team. Enjoy your Monday. I’ll try not to bug you again unless it’s to send you the NEW SINGLE! Woot!




Tony V’s Garage Everett, WA Fri Jul 12 13 08:00 PM  
Ground Kontrol Portland, OR Sun Jul 14 13 08:00 PM  
DNA LOUNGE San Francisco, CA Tue Jul 16 13 08:00 PM Tickets
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