If you haven’t heard of Sword of the Stars: The Pit then you need to. Roguelike is a sub-genre of Role Playing Games (RPGs) in which players can only die once, and instead of story the focus is on surviving, leveling up, and advancing your character through an unforgiving world. Sword of the Stars: The Pit (available on Steam today) is the equivalent of the ideal Roguelike. With flawless execution in satisfying the everyday gamer as well as the genre veteran simultaneously, try playing it on ‘Seriously!?’ difficulty mode right off the bat if you think you’re so tough that this game’s too new age. It isn’t. You’ll probably end up earning yourself the Ricky Fail Achievement for dying in the first round, which is just adding insult to injury at this point.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit is the perfect blend of modern and retro gameplay elements with an art design that is easy on the eyes as well. The game is turn-based, each step you take the enemies take a turn with you. The developers behind this called it “Asynchronous watchamacallits”. I call it awesome. And since the focus is on gameplay, it’s good to see this game packs plenty. Potentially endless hours of gameplay that is never the same, and entirely freedom to do as you please within all of that time.

When you do things like reload your weapon, break into high security computer systems, or just break into locked storage systems with your bare hands, the enemies will continue taking turns, further adding to the danger. The Pit: MindGames is the expansion of this Roguelike experience that has enchanted many and it doesn’t disappoint arming you with even more weapons and facing you with even more dangers.

The graphics are something like an isometric experience only hand drawn and looking incredibly smooth. Shadows will block your vision from what you can see at times. The roguelike RPG elements in the gameplay of the game are really what you come here for and basically it includes collecting items and trying to stay alive. You can get diseased, activate tech labs, create concoctions to cure yourself with, and much more. If you’ve never tried a Roguelike game before this is definitely the one to start with. The turn-based movements keep things logical and keep your enemies trying to get at you reasonably. The Pit: MindGames DLC adds the ability to play as two new characters. One of which is an alien and the other has 28 psionic powers. MindGames also features all new monsters and a lot more weapons. The difficulty in the game can be played at different rates, and they really are different. The highest mode will see you surrounded, constantly fighting for survival.

Final Verdict: MindGames changes the game by adding the first ever playable alien character and new mind-based powers to this incredible Roguelike RPG which really should be played by every dungeon crawling, gun-blasting, magic-casting, blade-wielding gamer on the planet and receives a 9.5 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz making it a Platinum Game. You can check it out on Steam right now HERE and if you don’t already have the original Sword of the Stars: The Pit then you’ll need that incredible Rogulelike experience first from HERE.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.5/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Kerberos Productions  / Publisher: Kerberos

Available On: Windows PC

Played On: Windows PC

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