Worms: Collection Review

Worms Collection is a compilation title released by Team 17 and Maximum Games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game systems. If you aren’t familiar with the Worms franchise it started out long before the current generation of gaming and has its history studded with nostalgic memories for those who have come across its path. Turn-based strategy and hilarious action are combined in a unique way that only the destructible environments of Worms could truly personify. Destroy the enemy before they destroy you, or just destroy the ground beneath them first. Eventually becoming an industry mainstay, Worms has won the hearts of many gamers worldwide and this collection is one that gamers of all ages and preference will enjoy.

Worms, Worms 2: Armageddon, and Worms: Ultimate are all included on the disc as well as 6 downloadable content packs. You don’t need to download or exchange any vouchers, so don’t worry if you aren’t online at the moment. These are the full games on disc.

Story- The campaign mode offers a great variety of single player missions that increase in difficulty as you go through them. The games are somewhat like a puzzle because of their nature when played through single player campaign and allow players to utilize everything they know from their past with the game or to learn from scratch. In particular, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem features more concentration on the story mode. Worms became 3D again on PSN with this title, and I’m glad they did. It gives you a nice break from the 2D tactical brutality that is Worms and Worms 2: Armageddon on PSN. Worms was heavily criticized for its jump to 3D back on the PlayStation 2 era and Ultimate Mayhem makes up for it ten-fold. Having learned a great deal from what I consider to be memorable, under-rated 3D Worms games that the media rejected in the past, Team 17 has wiped the formula clean and brought about something truly special here.

Newcomers to the franchise can start with Worms: Ultimate Mayhem for their story-driven experience and then work their way back to the more strategy and tactics based titles previous and end up in love with the same personality and charm the game delivered us all back when it first hit the un-expecting gaming world by storm. They even brought back the controversial Old Lady who walks her way across levels full of gas until she bursts causing a huge and deadly explosion.

Gameplay- Completely destructible environments in both 2D and 3D gameplay with a variety of weapons including Rocket Launchers, Grenades, Holy Hand Grenades, Homing Missiles, Explosive Flying Super Sheep, and many more will makeup the tools at your disposal in the ultimate quest for destruction. Worms serves as a great tutorial to the game if anybody out there still hasn’t played it yet while Worms: Ultimate Mayhem is probably the initial campaign experience gamers are accustomed to.

Worms 2: Armageddon is essentially a reboot of my personal favorite online multiplayer version of the game on PSN. Worms Armageddon may be remembered from the PC gaming days or its installment on the Sega Dreamcast where players started out passing the controller from one to another and the game became a cult classic in the console gaming world. This is where some of the best console Worms gamers around the world go head to head and still participate in an active community on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live where it originally made its debut with timed exclusivity.

Replay Ability- The fun factor alone makes Worms: Collection one of those games that you can just play over and over again. Especially addictive is the multiplayer modes of all three games. There’s enough content on one disc for you to play for years alternating back and forth between the different experiences being offered. If you are after achievements / trophies, you’ll be sure to have fun with over 125 all together for you to strive for including the Platinum for Worms: Ultimate Mayhem and the Platinum for Worms 2: Armageddon

Engine Performance- Unfortunately the original Worms game did debut on PSN with a few glitches which were later patched up but the title still runs buggy and can crash. Of course this is barely noticeable and can happen in any game, however it deserves mentioning that the polish on Worms 2: Armageddon and Worms: Ultimate Destruction is incredible. While the original Worms title serves as the re-entry of Team 17 into the console gaming scene, the rest of the gameplay found in the other two titles on this disc more than make up for any shortcomings that may be found.

Final Verdict- In total we find Worms: Collection as a must-have for any gamer and with such a wide variety of gameplay this is definitely the definitive version of this console gamers’ favorite destructible environment, turn-based action game. Worms Collection gets a 9.55 out of 10.

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Overall Score: 9.55/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Available On: PS3 / 360

Played On: PlayStation 3

Developer: Team 17 / Publisher: Maximum Games

Review Copy Info: A copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for purposes of this review.

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