To clear things up about the Xbox One

To clear things up about Microsoft’s new system the Xbox One or XO I will present with the list of facts on it from Microsoft themselves.

USED GAMES: To start out you will be able to buy games at launch through retail or digital download. One of the XO’s main features is to be able to download a disk directly to your hardrive to be able to play without a disk. People really wanted this feature when the 360 came out and were asking for it for years. “Trade-in and resell your disc-based games: Today, some gamers choose to sell their old disc-based games back for cash and credit. We designed Xbox One so game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers. Microsoft does not charge a platform fee to retailers, publishers, or consumers for enabling transfer of these games.” If you buy a disk game you can sell it to any retailer still. Now this is so developers and publishers can get a cut of money by working out deals with retailers for used game sales. Microsoft gets no money from the cut. If you bought a digital copy, just like any digital copy, you will not be able to do this.

FIRST PARTY GAMES: “In our role as a game publisher, Microsoft Studios will enable you to give your games to friends or trade in your Xbox One games at participating retailers. Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers. Microsoft does not receive any compensation as part of this. In addition, third party publishers can enable you to give games to friends. Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners.” This pretty much means since Micrsoft owns those games you can sell or give them away.

RENTING GAMES: “Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners.” Microsoft and company’s like Gamefly and many others are trying to make a solution to this that will be a better system then what we have now. So that it means a superior  rental system.

DRM:  You will be able install your games to your hard-drive and have your entire library available to play without putting the disc in the disc tray. This is why the 24-hour check is needed. Without this, many copies of the same game could be installed into multiple the XO that would hurt game sales. The drawback to this is not being able to game offline (probably because of piracy). Microsoft has said that the final decisions to this issue have not been final. I believe if they allow you to play offline with the disc in the disc tray, this would become no issue.

PRIVACY: This is a huge thing with the XO with questions over Kinect and other things. “You are in control of when Kinect sensing is On, Off or Paused: If you don’t want the Kinect sensor on while playing games or enjoying your entertainment, you can pause Kinect. To turn off your Xbox One, just say “Xbox Off.” When the system is off, it’s only listening for the single voice command — “Xbox On,” and you can even turn that feature off too. Some apps and games may require Kinect functionality to operate, so you’ll need to turn it back on for these experiences.” So that means you are in control of Kinect not them.

XBOX ONE A GAME OF CIRCLES:  As few of us know,  you will be able to have a “circle” of friends, 10 people to be exact, that will be able to access your game library from anywhere (in the same region, I’m assuming not anything at the time right now) at anytime (as long as you or someone else in your circle isn’t playing it). This is of course how things work now, two of your friends can’t play the game at the same time from one disc on two separate consoles. This is a feature that is amazing and brings new things to the table. “Give your family access to your entire games library anytime, anywhere: Xbox One will enable new forms of access for families. Up to ten members of your family can log in and play from your shared games library on any Xbox One. Just like today, a family member can play your copy of Forza Motorsport at a friend’s house. Only now, they will see not just Forza, but all of your shared games. You can always play your games, and any one of your family members can be playing from your shared library at a given time.” So someone that lives a few states over can so to speak borrow my game such as games I still don’t have back from people like my Read Dead or other things.

GIVING AWAY GAMES:  Do you have a game that you play no more? Your friend can still play it off of your Xbox (if they’re in your circle). What if they’re not? As long as they have been in your friend’s list for 30 days, you can give a game away to your friend for free. This can only be done once per copy. First party games will be allowed to be shared always third party is up to publishers.

If you would like to know any more information about Xbox One and there polices ask questions on our site.

Source Microsoft 

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