Far Cry 3 takes place on a South Pacific archipelago which is somewhere in the world, with players taking the role of Jason Brody a normal college graduate who goes on vacation with his two brothers, his girlfriend, and his friends. The vacation quickly turns bad as he and his friends are captured by slavers. After escaping the a drug-crazed slaver named Vaas who kills his older brother grant, Jason must quickly turn from frightened tourist into a one-man army, fighting to rescue his friends. Along the way Jason meets various locals of the islands all of which were memorable characters and every person you meet feels like a real person with actual motivations and reasons for what they do.

Not only are the characters and plot very deep and emotional but also the backdrop for this game and scenery are just beautiful. The island is lush with palm trees and inviting waters that are also full of life beneath them. Despite the vocational look of the island almost anything here is hostile towards you, from slavers, to sharks to, Komodo dragons; and killing them brings great rewards for a player who wants to go out of the way to explore to increase their equipment capacity. Everything you do in this game is a rush and there Is never a dull moment with all the life and activities going on around you.

The game-play has seen a major upgrade since Farcry 2. Everything in this installment looks nicer and operates and feels smoother and they fixed the lag delay that was present in Far Cry 2 when you would interact with an object. Like most games when you start you will have low quality weapons like the 1911 pistol that don’t really have a lot of power or accuracy to them and as you progress to heavier and more accurate weapons such as the longbow and the always fun but not so subtle RPG rocket launcher. Far Cry 3 has also taken a few pointers from Borderlands and has a skill-tree that every time you gain so much XP points you get to select a perk such as faster swimming, faster reload or a stealth based takedown skill, just to name a few.

Like a role-playing-game such as fallout 3 for instance parts of your map are hidden until you visit or unlock that location through discovery. Throughout the island there are radio towers that transmit data and the slavers have blocked the signals. Climbing these rickety unstable towers can reveal a small part of your map and once you find all 18 of them, your whole map becomes complete.

No longer will you have to painstakingly drive every single place like in Far Cry 2 and risk getting attacked over and over again because also like fallout you can fast-travel to a location you have discovered saving a load of time.

The single player alone is a sure fire reason to go out and buy this game; but, not only is there a single player campaign there is also a cooperative campaign that follows a wayward crew in their own quest to survive against the odds. Betrayed by their captain who sold their ship to pirates for a safe full of cash, these four crewmen spring to action in a quest for revenge and a desperate quest to regain the latest bits of their broken lives. It has 6 missions all about 40 minutes each and your rank carries over into multiplayer. This game is one of the best I have played in a long time from not just a gameplay standpoint, but a visual and story driven standpoint as well.



Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Review Copy Info: a copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for purposes of this review.

Available on: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Computer

Played on: Xbox 360 

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