Resident Evil Revelations HD Review

Intro: There are those who say Resident Evil Revelations HD is nothing more than a “3DS Port” which allegedly “feels like a mobile game still”, but after significant time playing through the title it becomes clear right away that those claims are false. Resident Evil Revelations HD is a solid entry in this classic franchise and actually manages to outshine all other home console entries this generation in terms of the one player experience it is capable of providing. While we enjoy Resident Evil 5 and 6 for cohesive co-operative play, these titles have also been on the victim’s end of quite a few bashings for that experience not holding up to expectations in single player play-throughs.

Revelations not only redeems the series for this but also answers the call for a more classic-styled Resident Evil experience in HD that has you feeling like you are in suspense solving a devious mystery and finding yourself with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Rather than just a run-and-gun, Revelations is a true Action / Adventure experience that will go head-to-head with any in its domain.

Story: Resident Evil Revelations is told through the form of storytelling that gives multiple perspectives and therefore is fragmented chronologically but is pieced together by scenes that re-explain everything just in case you haven’t booted up the game in a while and forget how things were last left off.

The Zombies in this game are a result of the T-Abyss Virus which currently has no known vaccine or treatment cure. The central plot revolves around a “Cat and Mouse” game as it were between Director Clive R. O’Brian of the BSAA organization and the director of the FBC Morgan Lansdale who is using Solar Light Matrix Super-weapon Regia Solis, or as Director O’Brian calls it the “Wrath of God”, to deal with outbreaks of the virus. But there’s more to it than just that and O’Brian manages to pull all the right elements together for an epic Bio Hazard that threatens all humanity the likes of which only Lansdale and the usual suspects of the RE universe would come out to face.

The main antagonist in this game appears to be a Terrorist Organization called Veltro, and a large ship called Queen Zenobia is where the game starts in the New T-Abyss Virus Outbreak after past the Terragrigia panic event where an entire city had to be destroyed by solar energy from space to prevent worldwide infection. Revelations  is the most Eye Widening Experience in the Resident Evil series. Every time you think the game’s story has peaked a new twist or turn introduces itself thereby completely changing the scenario and placing you in another battle for survival.

Interjecting story-lines that tell you every angle of the story through the eyes of those who experience each scene in this layered tale of conspiracy, espionage, bio-warfare, and of course it wouldn’t be Resident Evil without an apocalyptic Zombie Virus outbreak looming on the horizon. As always, mankind’s extinction or survival is what is ultimately at stake. Even more importantly, the chance for more answers and truths behind what makes these Virus Outbreaks continue to happen around the world and who’s really behind the profiteering of Vaccinations and Disaster / Recovery Solutions, as well as deeper and darker secrets of the FBC.

Gameplay: To say Revelations brings Resident Evil “back to the series roots” would be an injustice. Revelations is actually a new approach that takes the controls of RE5 / RE6 and evolves them to perfection while finally finding the balance between exploration and action fans have been demanding since the franchise deviated with a major focus on action beginning with RE4. It would now seem that fans have got the best of both worlds with RE6 being the direct Action sequel for fans of that line of titles and RE: Revelations a real core experience full of the same thrill Resident Evil originally gave us when it debuted as a New IP so long ago.

There’s a Steady Incline of difficulty and increase in the challenge presented in Resident Evil Revelations. You will switch weapons when you find new ones on the field, but don’t worry, your customized gun and equipment will still be found in your larger overall inventory whenever you run into a storage chest when playing as Jill.

You will use a Viewfinder item that helps you detect things such as new types of enemies, DNA, Virus and organic remains, and even fingerprints and hidden items such as ammunition. The more discovering you do with this viewfinder, you will eventually unlock health items for a reward. Characters are alternated but you are made to really feel like you are the character that you’re spawned as through the use of cinematic cut-scenes that tell the RE: Revelations story gracefully. The main character however is Jill who is played the majority of the game.

Veterans of the series may notice that the game takes some silent but powerful pages out of the Resident Evil Dead Aim title that released on Sony PlayStation 2 along with support for the GunCon 2 featuring an analog thumb-stick where the firing pin of a real gun would be as well as action buttons so a full RE experience could be played with exploration as well as action. It’s very refreshing to see that what was solid in the past has been considered once again for the balance given to Revelations exploratory, cinematic, and action gameplay segments.

Controls: While the game may have been originally released on the Handheld Market with the Nintendo 3DS Timed Exclusivity, the home console version developed by Capcom truly brings the ideal control set satisfying fan requests to improve the franchise notoriously clunky controls without losing the ideal harmony of what makes this series feel unique. You’re still able to perform many quick time events, however emphasis has largely been placed on shooting which is vastly improved over the series predecessors.

Sticking with the camera angle that proved worthy of this generation’s console technology, third person over-the-shoulder shooting takes place with the added abilities to step slowly while aiming / shooting for the first time in the Resident Evil main series as well as routine procedures like stunning enemies and avoiding strikes. You can heal instantly now while in the middle of battle without having to fumble through your inventory or get hit by enemies, unless you run out of health items of course.

Characters / Enemies: The leading characters you know and love are featured in this game including Jill and Chris but of course the game sometimes mixes things up with decently carved out supporting characters and a couple of rambunctious nitwits are thrown in for you to hate and laugh at their corniness which produces a pretty well rounded cast overall. Enemy Design has always been one of the features that set Resident Evil aside from other titles, and this game is no different.

Playing on Infernal Mode is the best way to see everything the game has to offer in terms of hordes and unique enemies, but if you can’t handle that take a breeze through Normal Mode to gain some experience first killing off mainly the lower tier enemies in addition to what the storyline throws at you. The main characters of this title feel like real, down to earth people players can relate to compared to the cold and corporate personalities of the games’ many villains.

Graphics / Art Direction: Revelations looks great in High Definition on home consoles and has the 3D effect on the handheld Nintendo 3DS if you decide to play there instead. The Art Direction overall is fantastic and really sets the dark and mysterious tone and atmosphere of Revelations.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The audio in this game is often used to relay information about where an enemy is about to appear next. Many times in the game you feel like you have defeated one of the more powerful foes and mini-bosses only to discover that it is stalking your every footstep. You will start to hear sounds that give you intuitions about where to look out and your life will depend on how you approach your next move whether trusting these intuitions or not. The music and voice acting are on point and of the high production value you’d expect from a AAA home console game.

Multiplayer Aspect: The Raid Mode of the game is unlocked as you play along through the single player, this mode features more weapons, more enemies, and is all about beating time working together and unlock further features. If you’ve played Mercenaries before in past Resident Evil games then you probably know what to expect here, it’s great to see this added to the game and definitely gives it the extra push to having fully supported the Replay Value discussed below.

Replay Ability: The normal difficulty mode of this game serves as a prelude to the full experience awaiting Resident Evil fans. You won’t run too low on ammunition, and the game will be fair with the amount of enemies sent at you and how hard it is to kill them. Players have just enough resources to accomplish the mission if they manage to stay alive, and get to experience the great story of the game and feel the balance Capcom has achieved with major RE gameplay elements.

Infernal difficulty mode will see you truly mastering the game, and there’s always trophies to grab for secondary objectives beyond the typical scope of a Revelations play-through.

There’s also a New Game Plus so you can take your equipment into another play-through of the game in addition to a multiplayer Raid Mode that unlocks as you progress through the Campaign.

Engine Performance: MT Framework – The engine displayed smooth frame rates on the system we tested with zero glitches recorded during our experience, this is a top notch performance rating.

Final Verdict: Resident Evil Revelations is the game fans of the franchise have been waiting for. This is the ideal Resident Evil. If you know the series well, imagine pure suspense and thriller gameplay that has you feeling like you’re playing a chapter of the original trilogy but with all the advancements of current gen technology.

The pace of the game and enemy design is perfect and many of the design decisions made by the development team create a seamless experience that cuts out the middle man and gives you exactly what you want out of a RE game. If you’ve ever enjoyed Resident Evil even remotely then you’d be doing yourself a dis-service to not try RE: Revelations as it is the best representation of the series for this current HD generation. Anyone with a home gaming console or a Nintendo 3DS should seriously consider diving into this one and experiencing this new age classic for themselves.



Overall Score: 10/10

RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developer / Publisher: Capcom

Available On: PS3 / 360 / PC / Wii U / 3DS

Played On: PlayStation 3

Review Copy Info: This game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for purposes of this review.

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