Guacamelee! Review

The main character of Guacamelee! personifies the luchador culture while at the same time introducing his epic journey to share with you. You will switch between the world of the living and the dead as Juan Aguacate as you fight through your quest to stop The Calaca from taking El Presidente’s Daughter (amongst other world-threatening things). You are given enough motivation to get into gear and really feel the meaning behind each move you make and attack you perform. Things stay interesting as unexpected plot twists and a hint of adult humor subtlety make their presence known. Each scene in the game is essential in building your character’s back-story and place in the gameworld and arsenal leading up to the roller coaster that is ending The Calaca’s reign.

The gameplay in Guacamelee! evolves as you go on. What starts out as the 2D platformer you’d probably expect quickly evolves with the addition of each new ability. Enemies are matched up to the moves your character can produce, and challenging boss fights will happen later down the road that implement this on a full scale. In other words, you’ll see enemies glowing a certain color and you’ll need to do moves like headbutt them up close, smash down on the ground around them, or uppercut them in the face just to de-activate their colored shield corresponding to each attack aforementioned.

Gameplay difficulty in this game and pace of the experience is pretty well done, though sometimes could do with a little less hand holding. Unfortunately the only major gripe we have with the game is that sometimes the world map and level design has you lost and feeling like the two don’t match up. This produces moments where you are simply backtracking, checking the map, then doing it again until you actually find out how to get where you’re supposed to go. Overall the classic retro style of the game should charm the hearts of most gamers with ease.

Guacamelee! features beautiful graphics with colorful art direction that correctly sets the mood for each scene. The high standard of visual aesthetics that this game has been held to serve to allow total immersion into the gameplay. If you are into the two dimensional form of art, this is a game you won’t want to miss with fluid animations and hilarious emotions expressed through its drawings.

The very charismatic voices and atmospheric soundtrack of Guacamelee! should be commended for giving gamers a nice theme to wrap around their overall experience. The audio factor of this game definitely helps players feel the complete package effect and appreciate the polish put in by developer Drinkbox Studios.

Replay Ability- Medium

Engine Performance- No glitches were observed during our gameplay of this game.

Final Verdict- Guacamelee! is one of those independently envisioned video games that focuses on fun factor above all else, and we are thankful to Drinkbox Studios who put a lot of hard work, blood-sweat-and-tears into this game over at their Toronto, Canada development studio. We’d like to see more intuitive navigation of their amazingly alive world and after seeing how fun their games can be we want more. We award this game a 9/10 score with a Gold RGN Rating and feel comfortable recommending this to just about every gamer out there. Jokes aside, if you don’t like this game there might be something wrong with you.



Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Review Copy Info: A digital voucher for this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for purposes of this review.

Developer / Publisher: Drinkbox Studios

Available on: PS3 / Vita

Played on: PlayStation 3

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