Defiance Patch Info

Defiance Patch Info

Eric “Steez” Ward here from RealGamerNewz bringing you some great information a patch coming this week to the new game Defiance. This patch as a little bit of everything and we will be touching base on all the important parts to this ever so important patch.


  • First off this patch will be improving server and client stability. So this will prevent any sort of crashes or bugs you have on the start up of the game.
  • Coming in next this patch will make all Main missions replayable after completion of the last mission so if you happen to miss any of the storyline you can always go back and complete come missions or if you liked a mission and enjoy playing it again you can go back and enjoy it another time.
  • The extraction timer has been increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds to allow more time for your friends or other players to revive you if you died in combat or just doing something stupid and end up paying for it.
  • objects have been optimized throughout the world to minimize pop-up and improve overall performance. The game will run a bit better now for those experiencing some lag.
  • Area voice chat has been improved and is now turned off by default.
  • Voice and text chat can channels can now be muted independently. If you’re having a stressful day and you don’t want to hear your friends laugh at the fact that you might be a noob you can just simply mute them and go on slaying enemies in peace.
  • Text chats now display for longer and the no longer hide when sprinting or boosting.


  • Missions have been cleaned up and bugs have been fixed for all missions and side missions. You will no longer experience major bugs and missions will be stress free and you can freely do your missions But remember if you are Having problems still report your bugs at all times!


  • Bugs have been fixed with your characters so you will no longer your player inside out or their hair is glitched.

CO-OP and SOLO Maps

  • A polish to the maps and a quick bug fix has been applied.

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