The ‘Defiance’ of Fireflies

The new SyFy network series ‘Defiance’ premieres tonight at 9pm Eastern, and already some are wondering if the show is poised to be the next ‘Firefly.’ The comparisons aren’t hard to make; there haven’t been any sci-fi series produced of this scope since ‘Firefly’ was prematurely cancelled. Joss Whedon’s (aka Nerd God) space western aired on Fox over a decade ago, but was cancelled after a single, abbreviated season due to a low viewership. However, the show found new life on DVD, and through high home-video sales and strong fan letter writing campaigns, a film of the series, ‘Serenity,’ was produced in 2005. While similarly marketed, ‘Defiance’ has a few unique qualities that ‘Firefly’ did not in its time. Firstly, the show is being produced by the SyFy network, and not one of the big five networks. This should allow for a smaller, more dedicated fan-base to keep the show going, as cable networks don’t usually need the higher volume of viewers that broadcast networks do to justify their ad sales. Secondly, and most interestingly, is the Trion Worlds’ MMO which was created in conjunction with the series. To my knowledge, this is the first time that a game and television series based on the same property have been produced together, especially when one considers that these are not separate stories set in the same world as some other licensed games have done, but rather, an opportunity for a viewer of the show to play in the world they just watched on television. They get to interact with the same characters that are scripted on the show. It’s a new and interesting property model, and we’ll have to wait and see if it is a successful one. There are all kinds of possible outcomes to this. Will the game drive the success of the show, or vice-versa? Will they drive each other? And what will be the value lost to the series when someone watches it in ten years but cannot play the game alongside it? Will it stand up on its own?

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