NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Review

You can tell that it’s that time of year again when the smell of burning fuel, the sound of screeching tires fills the air. The anticipation begins to mount as the rumble of the eight hundred horsepower, two hundred mile per hour behemoths begin their run towards the starting line. Once again if you’re looking to insert yourself into the NASCAR experience there is only one way other than heading out to the track itself, and that’s with NASCAR The Game: Inside Line.

Start a career and land yourself in the hot-seat chasing the dream of becoming the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion. If you know anything about NASCAR racing then you know it’s a long hard road filled with trials and tribulations, and that is exactly what you will encounter with The Inside Line. Fifty events and races just in the first season alone also mixed in with the regular season of races are the invitational events. Such as the Eliminator which is an exhilarating fast paced race where your prime objective is to get out to the front of the pack as soon as possible and fight to stay there as the drivers who fall into last place are eliminated from the race one by one. Other invitational events in career mode include the thunder lap, gauntlet, and driver dual.

Attract new sponsors with your performances that will help to finance your cars expensive performance upgrades that are not an option but rather a necessity to stay ahead of the pack. Multiple sponsors at the same time with individual payouts on various achievements that will take place during the race. During this process you will be able to approve or reject these offers with all of the monetary changes and challenges on screen to help with your decisions.

Jump right in to some of the most famous race moments of the actual NASCAR  drivers with “Highlights”, real-life race moments. This mode will let you relive some of NASCAR’S most heart pounding moments of real drivers situations from the 2011 and 2012 seasons.With the seasons pass you will enjoy new downloadable Highlights moments as they become available. You can not only re-live them you can also have a chance rewind as well as rewrite the outcome of each event in history. In head to head mode go up against with any one of your favorite teams and drivers in these time challenges on the track of your choice. This mode gives you plenty of game-play with over four hundred challenges available to you.

The graphics have yet to disappoint me with the best destruction and wrecks that I have seen in any racer. Using a patented scientific damage system the players crashes, and bumps have a direct effect on the cars performance to the impacted areas and parts. When you are coming around turn three at around a hundred and ninety miles per hour leading the pack and you get a bump from behind next thing you know you are spun around in reverse still at top speed facing the pack your tires barely touching the ground roof flaps pop open and the destruction unfolds with mayhem of the field reacting to the chain reaction.

Customization of your cars looks and performance can be tweaked to perfection in the paint booth you may completely design your cars graphics with a black slate and a bountiful amount of custom made paint, stickers, logos, and text, as well as a huge selection of stock ones are available as well. Driver assists is preset menu of vehicle controls to help those who may need them.

As all this is taking place the sound effects of the carnage is in full affect, and right along with it is the roar of the crowd as they participate with real-time reactions enhancing the gameplay to an even higher level leaving you feeling as if they are really watching every move on the track. Super accurate spotters are in your ears with all the advice you need to stay out in front without even looking in the mirrors. These guys can help you get the job done they are a huge asset especially when you’re coming into a turn hot and someone is in your blind spot trying to weasel by down low. Big time announcers like Darrell Waltrip, Mike Joy, Ray Everham, and Ty Norris add the element of a live televised event.

Head out to the multi-player mode to see how your skills stand up the the competition online verses other players. You will find that most players take the game seriously which is a good thing because that last thing you want is to invest an hour of grueling racing to have some banana head take you out because they think it’s funny. Working together with the competition is a crucial  aspect of NASCAR racing. Drafting and running together to catch leaders and stay on the lead lap is imperative. Don’t forget to roll out with your personally customized graphics and paint from the paint booth.

With a revitalized career mode and a sloth of new challenges including the DLC features I can honestly say that even if you only want to play this game in single player mode only the quality and amount of content is well worth money spent. I have been a NASCAR fan for a long time and have been to several races living only twenty minutes from New Hampshire International Speedway as well as traveling to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Coca cola Six Hundred “the ultimate endurance race” where I got to meet Bobby Labonte while enjoying pit passes and his gratuity tent full of food and drink.

That being said I think I know what the NASCAR experience looks, feels, smells, and even tastes like. So if you would like sample the experience of what it’s like to be in the middle of rolling the thunder pack three wide just inches apart at top speed I suggest the only possible game that can stand up to the challenge and deliver you into the ultimate world of  stock car racing NASCAR The Game: Inside Line and that’s why I am giving it a full 9 out of 10 score. There are still some things that can be improved upon in the next installment of NASCAR The Game but Inside Line is definitely a genre-defining experience.

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Eutechnyx

Overall Score: 9/10

Available Now On: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii

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