BioShock Infinite returns into the hands of it’s original creator Irrational games. They made one of the highest rated games of all time for the Xbox 360 back in oh hmm 2007. It was a marvel of wonders as to this date remains one of my favorite games. The question here is how does BioShock Infinite stand up to the first one or is it even worth the while for all these delays.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The oldie time soundtrack mixed in with the orchestra music makes it feel like your in year 1912. It brings the exploring or admiring aspect back with familiar sounding music. The audio is perfect nothing to loud or to soft you can hear everything a big thumbs up to the sound staff. The voice acting especially between Booker and Elizabeth is some of the best I ever heard in a first person shooter and any video game.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: Since we have yet another game powered with unreal technology we expect to see some of the best and worse gaming has to offer. The graphical achievements in this game though are just astounding using realistic nature of the skylines a building brought back the rapture feel expect in the clouds. The game’s glitches are usually only when enemies get killed a certain way or if Elizabeth gets between a wall and a dead body I had to restart twice because of that. It seems very smooth though so you can tell they did there best. The engine works like how you would expect Unreal to work. Explosions look realer than ever and characters look like you could touch them.

Characters/Enemies: The two characters that most defiantly stand out is obvious with Booker and Elizabeth. There relationship evolves over the course of the game. It starts off with a kind of untrust from Elizabeth but then they learn they need each other to survive. It is not a romantic interest between them but just two friends caring for each other. Other characters either keep showing up  through out the game or do not get enough attention but characters are so simple that you can easily understand them. The enemies in the game are vast ranging from foot soldiers to pyros to Handy Man or the Big Daddy replacements. You have to fight each a different way but it seems like they were made differently in a way but fresh from fighting Splicers all the time in BioShock 1 and 2.

Gameplay: If you have played BioShock 1 and 2 it is similar to those but with some changes. Big changes being the smart evolutionary and revolutionary AI in Elizabeth. She will give you items if your low on them or struggling in combat. She also gives advice and lets you make rips in the space time to bring in turrets, cover, weapons, and so much more. The hook system is great as you can flank enemies with it or plan your attack or just get away when your shields are down or health is low. The meter system letting you know how much energy in stuff you have left is a lot better this time around to.

Story: Ever wonder how many Infinite worlds or the way things play out are? Well that is why this game is called BioShock Infinite. You play as Booker Dewitt a gun for hire trying to redeem him self by wiping away the debt by bringing an unknown payer a girl in the floating city of Columbia. The story features choices throughout it some affect the story in minor ways others in a lot bigger ways. The story gets down on a big emotional level of trust between Booker and Elizabeth. Booker must face his past in many different ways as morals are questioned and things go wrong. The story features major plot twist but the fact that the ending is a mind wrapper that even I can not figure out all the way makes things go kinda odd. The story is incredible the best story told in first person view in just the eyes of one man. Going back and forth between times and spaces causing revolutions and bringing out different versions back it a wild ride.

Final Verdict: BioShock is back and better than ever expected without the horror part this time. Going far to free the girl from her prison and finding out things about Booker while a revolution is occurring and a mad man using religion trying to get what he wants…or is he? Find out for yourself this a probably the best game I have ever played in my life. I give BioShock Infinite a 10/10 a marvel of story telling.

Overall Score: 10/10

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Available on: Xbox 360 , Playstation 3, and Computer

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