Around the Internet in a Minute – Human Statistics by Intel

Intel has released the following data revealing what happens on the internet every time a minute passes. For every single minute that passes, the following internet activity occurs:

  • 639,800GB of global IP Data is transferred
  • 204 Million E-mails are sent
  • 20 Million photos viewd on Flickr
  • 6 Million Profiles viewed on Facebook
  • 2 Million Searches on Google
  • 1.3 Million Videos watched on YouTube
  • 100,000 new Tweets on Twitter
  • 64,141 Hours of Music is played
  • $83,000 in Online Sales
  • 1,300 new Mobile users on the Internet
  • 135 Botnet infections
  • 100 new LinkedIn Accounts
  • 20 New victims of identity theft

The following interesting data was also released:

The Internet also experiences:

  • There’s as many online devices as there are humans on Earth.
  • By 2015, there will be 2x as many online devices as there are humans on Earth.
  • By 2015, 5 Years worth of Video Chat is being communicated between Internet users per Second

CLICK HERE to zoom in on the full-size image and get the visual impact on these statistics of the human species and its most widespread electronic communication network, The Internet (As of 2013).

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