Why Black Ops 2 Is The Best Shooter Out Right Now

Since the first release of the Black Ops title it has had more success with longevity and player satisfaction. So I wanted to figure out what factors other than the zombies that are driving this title to be more popular with myself and other players. While Black Ops 2 not enjoying the highest sales figures of the Call Of Duty franchise over time Black Ops 2 always seems to pull out a shinier more polished better looking and playing game. Now I say this speaking from my personal experience as well as what many other sources on the subject .

If you have played all the COD titles like I have you can easily compare some things that stand out right out of the gate. First off the maps. The maps on BO 2 always look better with more realistic and some animated and interactive features. Even a fool with a face full of flash-bang can see that. But as I dig deeper I find that the game-play itself while not perfect seems to run way smoother and less choppy then the other titles and gets better every year while Modern Warfare seems to stay the same.

The initial complaints when the first Black Ops was released was that there were to many over powered guns the game that couldn’t be countered. I disagree one perfect example of this is the shotgun kills in Modern Warfare 3 from fifty or sixty feet away. Even with the long barrel attachment and the slug ammo I would be hard pressed to say that shot could be made on BO2. One of the first things I noticed about BO 2 with the guns was a realistic recoil system that physically changes the bullets trajectory, as well as the players aim and effective being delivered. damage. Yet some people still insist that MW3 is more balanced, than why did people start putting their Black Ops disc back in shortly after the release of MW3?

We all know that the attachments have a lot to do with this process but if you do a test with say a blank wall while swapping out attachments I think you will be surprised at the results when you see how much things change as you equip, and combine things. Also you will learn that some of the attachments you use may be hurting more than helping you achieve your intended goals with a certain gun.

Server issues and matchmaking, and chat, are always the worst. MW3 was terrible. Treyarch has seemed to all but eliminate these issues with the exception of hosts rage quitting due to a poor KDR session. The one thing that still needs attention in this department is the ground war mode. It is always more fun to have a good size party session going but if you go one person over the limit and you have no choice it has to be ground war due to the number of players. For some reason this mode is terrible and never plays as well as the the others. The question for me is can the engine run as good as it does with less players I am starting to think this is the reason this title is staying with the small teams and small maps.

So did the monkey business that was going on with Infinity Ward affect MW3, the answer is unequivocally yes! Then you have to ask now that the whole thing is behind them can they put out something that can stand up to Treyarch’s build? I guess time will tell but it is going to have to be some ground breaking ideology to break the mold that has been created in this COD franchise. Frankly I would be embarrassed to try to keep on polishing something somebody else has already out-shined me with twice. But I say good luck cause if they do it will benefit the players more than anyone else.

How good would these games be if they didn’t push out one a year, from two different sources, on a two year timeline. Each of the titles has a budget large enough to rival a NASA mission. Think of what could be done with double the budget, manpower and resources. I am all for the competition because with out it we would still be stuck with Modern Warfare only but with the amount of profit made over the years by the Call of Duty franchise and the amount of time we invest in their products I think we have earned and deserve way more than we are getting for our $60 bucks.

My point being, I personally get bored or just plain don’t enjoy the game for more than one prestige if that, after the campaign to the point where the disc no longer makes it to the console. Shortly after that my friends list has also abandoned it. This time around I am on the 8th prestige as well as on the verge of completing the diamond camo’s for the assault rifle class with the RPG’s already completed, while the campaign remains unfinished. I have also bought the map packs for the first time in any of these titles.

There are many questions of why things are still they way they are when it comes to this FPS shooter series. When and if it will get better, but the community seems to have more opinions, and excuses than answers and it always will.

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