RealGamerNewz Podcast: Star Wars 1313, Censorship, Assassin’s Creed IV, and the next Call of Duty

The crew got together to talk about a lot of topics. We go through talks of the next Call of Duty coming from the developers who created the mammoth title. There’s also Star Wars talk with late-breaking news about the Star Wars 1313 title concerning its indefinite hold. We will talk a lot about the major game publishing companies and their relationship to their developers as we debate whether or not certain situations in the industry are improving.

  • MASS EFFECT: Tristan And Matt Speak On Fan Response
  • Games Being Censored By Big Money
  • BioWare’s Founders Gone – What Does It Mean for Their Games?
  • Games Being Compared To Each Other And Dismissed.
  • Examples: DLC, Repetitive Gameplay, Over-exploiting of IP’s
  • Devs and Publishers – Treating The Fans Like They Are Stupid
  • Greed Killing Gaming
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Friday
  • GT6 Getting Out Of The Way Drive Club?
  • Star Wars 1313 May Be On Indefinite Hold
  • Millions Of Fans Want Battlefront 3
  • Respawn Entertainment’s Next Title Xbox 720 Exclusive Or Just Its DLC? Can It Replace Their Last Creation? (Call of Duty)
  • EA Exclusive Content Announcement Coming With Xbox 720 Announcement April

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