Santa Monica Says No God of War 5 Yet, Dedicated to Ascension Multiplayer Community

Despite the announcement of the PlayStation 4 and all of its potential for next-generation advancements, Santa Monica (the team behind many Sony titles including God of War and PlayStation All-Stars) will not be jumping straight into development for the next God of War title. The company will remain focused on listening to player feedback with the release of God of War: Ascension and is dedicated to fixing any multiplayer issues that arise as the franchise takes its very first foray into both competitive and co-op online game modes.

 “We haven’t touched it [PS4]. We’re not even concentrating on it. All we’re concentrating on is we know we release in a week. I imagine we’re going to be on our forums talking to players about the stuff they’re experiencing in multiplayer and trying to address that stuff immediately. We’re going to have half of our team ready to go for that stuff. We’re going to continue to tune and balance and create new content. We still get to think about and imagine how cool it would be, but we’re still working on this game on the PS3.

I’d be excited if I was a PS3 owner because, I’d know Sony is not just leaving me hanging or waiting until the next-gen comes out, that they’re still kicking out really awesome games for me. There’s the future, and you’re like, oh cool! But there’s a whole spring, summer and fall to get through. “It’s like Kratos finishing off a god, you know what I mean?” Santa Monica Developer Mark Simon laughed, “it’s like he’s putting the final touches on the console or something.”

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