Simcity Offline Mod Released

Although contrary to reports from EA, someone has been able to mod an offline and larger city size version of the new Simcity. Only a week since Simcity has hit the market, modder UKAzzer has been able to not edit outside of the city boundaries but also be able to play this offline. While to save the game the player still has to connect to the server, this is only a minor issue which can be easily resolved.

EA recently launched the new Simcity which immediately ran into problems; for example the servers which were incapable of supporting everyone who wanted to play. Since this game was design for online play only, many players were frusated as they couldn’t connect and hence play. While EA comtemplated with the idea of making the game offline, they insisted that doing so would require a long process and that the game itself requires the connection to the servers to “offload a significant amount of calculations.” UKAzzer shows that not only is a fully functioning offline mode possible in a few weeks hard work, but that the “significant amount of calculations” can easily be run on a normal computer.

Below is the youtube video of UKAzzer playing his offline mod.


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