Exclusive Interview With Mr.Fob: The Creator of The Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod (MEHEM)

The RGN crew has dissected the official endings of Mass Effect 3 that Bioware has created in a two part podcast titled: EA Pops Mass Effect 3’s Bad Ending Cherry & How To Fix It and EA Pops Mass Effect 3’s Bad Ending Cherry & How To Fix It Part 2. Now, in a special RealGamerNewz exclusive podcast interview, presented by RealGamerNewz crew members Matthew and Tristan , we present to you an unofficial alternate ending. A happy ending so to speak, created by a fan of the Mass Effect Trilogy, known as Mr.Fob on the Bioware forums. This mod changes the ending in several different ways, and we sat down and talked with the creator himself about how it all came together and his vision for whats to come in future versions.

After listening to the interview and you are interested in trying out the beloved mod yourself, click here to be directed to the Bioware forums where a download link can be found as well as community discussion about the Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending mod.

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