Halo 4 Rumor Roundup: Detailed Plot + Gameplay Possibilities

There are a few rumors that a 343 Industries worker may have given some info out on Halo 4 (which is set to launch holiday 2012). Now I don’t know how accurate any of this is, or even if any of it is true one bit, but I’ll share what I’ve found with you. According to rumors, 343 Industries are going to focus on story.

This is the Master Cheif 117 John and Cortana’s story as they are on some kind of world or station called Sigma 7. There is also deep levels of customization, not just in the multiplayer. This is also in the campaign mode, possibly similar to the level of Crysis 2 character customization in the story, but a lot better with way more options.

Halo 4 may be an aim game but the shooting style will still be the same just with how you aim down the sights in most FPS games. The battlefields will be larger and more cover-based, possibly even a direct cover system for an FPS, which is unheard of, but may be a great improvement – it is unknown for sure the ramifications of this decision at this time.

As for the main enemy, it is still a mystery but we will most likely not see any Covenant and Flood like in other Halos. The Forerunners are one that is possible, but most leads say they are allies and that the main enemy is a precursor that is even before the Forerunners as the allies, a new ancient evil. I’m thinking that could be true and they can use the machines on the Halo rings to fight you if so.

More rumors suggest that players will also find out a lot about why ONI is on Sigma 7 and they’re downgraded with more human-like weapons and vehicles. Armor abilities will most likely return but will the jet pack and sprint and evade be standard as shown in the trailer? Who knows, but we will find out and I will follow Halo 4 up until the release – so prepare for more in after Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition comes out November 15th.

Check out the Halo 4: Director’s Cut Trailer below if you haven’t caught it already.


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