Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Preview

I present to you my preview of the remake to the game that jump started the first person shooter console multiplayer scene to a new level that it’s still at today (in classic, HD, and 3D). I am going to give my impressions, predictions, and back up how I got to these conclusions. The campaign was one of the best in the franchise, and I believe one of the best of all time (check my stats). I enjoyed it back in the day, but now there are a lot of new features, such as terminals, that will give more back story and previews of Halo 4.

There also is a scanner with which you can scan dead or alive enemies and learn about them. You can even scan allies and do the same. All of the guns are improved with sounds and the improved game engine makes it easier to fire. It is upgraded with the Halo Reach multiplayer and you don’t need Reach to play the Combat Evolved maps because they’re on the disc already.

The multiplayer will have six maps for competitive multiplayer and one firefight map, the names of which are: Damnation, Beaver Creek, Prisoner, Timberland, Headlong, Hang ‘Em High and the Firefight map, Installation 04 or Battle Canyon, Breakneck, High Noon, Penance, Ridgeline, Solitary, and Installation 04. The names are all over the place but we will see for sure tomorrow. These are great maps, better than any Reach map. I was impressed with these.

The firefight will have some new features, such as having ODST’s help you in combat and of course the pre-order skull Grunt Funereal will pack a plasma punch on your foes. The Halo Combat Evolved pistol will be in the Firefight and Multiplayer as well and will cause a lot of mayhem, but great fun as it will bring the fun Halo original felt back to it.

343 and Microsoft hope this game will bring a lot of great and mystic Halo feel back to it. Fans have been waiting for this game for a reason, so I’m telling you if you have an Xbox 360 this is a must-try (at least). It’s only 40 dollars at launch for all the great features it has, so spartans gear up for Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary on November 15th and if you just want the multiplayer maps to plug in to Reach you can download them for 15 dollars on the Xbox Live Marketplace, see you star-side!



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