Frostbite 2 engine that sums this game up this game a lot. I also asked a veteran in the military if this was a realstic experince, and he said not by a long shot.

Multiplayer: The variety of big maps and team tactical combat is unmatched in this modern day FPS. You have to help your team out in a lot of ways in this game, by reviving and storming in. picking up so many options it feels real the style and the stamina while running is perfectly ligate. Knifing is definitely the most realistic kill in the game as it isn’t some stupid swing across the view, you must go up and stab your enemy. It makes you feel like a solider at some points with the recoil and aiming and destructible environment.

Co-op: The work of the two players is vital if one player goes away it is very difficult as it depends on straight up working together.The story in takes place around the campaign in areas you may have or not seen but it takes place as an alternative as you stop them from nukeing Paris at the end of it. But you must rely on each in co-op or you will fail that means talk to each other and plan ahead.

Campaign: The major area of this game for me as the main character is Sargent Blackburn you are being court marshaled but first the military wants all the info they can get out of Blackburn,so he tells his story which spans over a year in this 5 hour campaign. You fight terriost, Russians,Police,and even your own at a part of it. Most of the game you are trying to figure out what is going on in the world it all depends on the race agiasnt  time to stop nukes from hitting major points which one nuke destroys Paris and you save New York city from the second one at the end maybe it will have a sequel cause of the ending and maybe the second nuke wasn’t a threat who knows Battlefield 4 will come one day. But at the same time it fells like the story is like the improved Black Ops story


Graphics: PC the graphics are  great one the best or close up there with Crysis 2 on the PC as it looks as real as my own hand at times.PS3 the graphics seem to only reach highness on HD TV on any other its missing something.Xbox 360 you need two disc and download the HD content but its doesn’t close to the PC version. The console graphics just look flat out muddy and rushed compared to what I played on the PC.

Final Verdict: Beautiful Graphics, some of the worst teamwork multiplayer I’ve ever seen, co-op where you have to work with your partner which can either be great or terrible, the campaign as a decent story its epic just a little too many cliffhangers and ugly looking graphics on consoles. I find this game to be one of the biggest disappointments of 2011. I award Battlefield 3 a 3.5 as it fell below the Call.


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