Brothers to the end…the end of Gears of War which is the best selling third person shooter of all time and has won so many awards over the years.

Horde: The award winning co op mode is back and better than ever with fortification levels through upgrades of turrets,decoys, blockades,bases, and my favorites the centrey guns and the COG Silverback. You fight through 50 waves of explosive gameplay and every 10 waves is a boss wave which the bosses are Berzearkers,Lambent Berzearkers,Gunkers,Brumaks,Reavers,Savage Corpsers,and Centipedes. Some of the new enemys such as the Armored Kantus,and the Savage Boomer are tough enemys to take down while others such as the Drone and Savage Drone are easy. Mutators make the game easyier like having unlimted ammo or one hit one kill.The more you kill the more money you get to upgrade buy weapons and ammo and even buy your way back in the game.

Beast: A new co op mode from the team at Epic games is Beast where you play as the locust through 12 waves with a time limit while fighting stranded and the COG. Every kill you get you get money to pick more characters from the locust like you can be a Ticker or a Boomer even a Berzeaker and Corpser. The COG Heros such as Marcus and Anya you must exeucte them to kill them unlike other enemys and on the final wave the Onyx Guard you must do the same.

Multiplayer: The most improved part of the Gears Franchise with its new and improved servers and the events and unlocks for medals,gun skins,exuctions,and characters. The new leveling up system by using ribbons to track streaks of something or something you do within a match. The Team Death match in this game is the best version of it ive ever played as you have a pool of lives you have till it runs out and you have one life left per player on team. Capture the leader is also a new game mode were the tittle says it you capture the leader for a amount of time to win and the other team can capture your leader to stop your team from winning.

Campaign: The best part of this game with an awsome story but it still has so many unanswered questions.The games start sets the tone as it is a dream that is just like the start of the first Gears of War.You must go and find Adam Fenix since he has a way to stop the lambent infection from destroying Sera. This story has a more emotionell toll on some gamers as you get to see Cole think of when he was a thrashball player which shows what all the humans on this planet have lost since Sera will never be the same. Also the chapter Brothers to the end which was but wasnt surprising as Dom sacrifices himself for the mission which lays heavly on Marcus throughout the rest of the game as he blams himself. After you beat the 11 hour story mode I felt satisfied as yes its finally over a well worth it go through of the series.

Graphics: Some of the best textures ive ever seen from a console game as the lighting fits every moment great job Epic

Soundtrack: The music fits the moments for epic scenes battle music for mysterious scenes kinda Halo like music and of course Mad World is played in Brothers to the end

Final Verdict: The game may not be taken for a real big game by some gamers who fell it could be better with everyone which I understand this game is for mainly graphic players or story based players and if you can sit there for 3 hours to beat horde as well but this game is a worth it buy at 55 dollars used version from gamestop and I give it a 9.5

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